1 lakh has gone up to 7.32 lakh, this 4 rupees 42 paise share, in just three months

Just 3 months ago, if someone had invested Rs 1 lakh in shares of Steel Strips Infrastructures, their one lakh today would be Rs 7.32 lakh. The price of this share was Rs. 4.42 to Rs. It was higher today (9:45 pm) at 32.35pm. That is, there was a tremendous jump of about 632 percent during this period.

History of Steel Strips Infrastructure Share Price

This SME metal stock touched the upper 5 per cent circuit today. Metal stock has risen 21 percent in the last 5 trading sessions. It increased to Rs 32.35 during the period under review. If we talk about the last one month, this multibagger stock has yielded about 162 percent.

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Has made investors rich

When looking at the share price history of Steel Strips Infrastructure, investors were left with 1 lakh investments in this stock 5 days ago, while their 1 lakh today stands at 1.21 lakh. Similarly, if investors had invested 1 lakh in this stock a month ago, their 1 lakh would be worth Rs 2.62 lakh today.

The Small Cap Index has reached record highs

The Small-Cap Index hit record highs, and other indices were also outperforming the market bullish. The year 2021 saw a large number of multibagger stocks. However, large cap, mid cap and small cap stocks make more than 100% return on this list in a year, while SME stocks are listed on the Multibagger Stock 2021 in India. Among them are shares of Steel Strips infrastructure.

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