18th October 2020 Darshan Raval and Divya Khosla Kumar Arrive on the Romance Special episode

After appearing on the show in the previous episode, Bollywood’s Ace Choreographer, Farah Khan, will continue tonight’s episode of India’s best dancer and then join two other guests. The reality show on Sony TV has certainly won many hearts, which has led the show to always top the list of TRPs. Each week a theme is finalized, in which participants must perform accordingly. The top 12 contestants this weekend will mesmerize viewers in a special episode of Romance.

The two men will compete with actor and director Farah in a spectacular episode, where young favorite singer Darshan Rawal and director Divya Khosla Kumar will arrive. Star guests will be given sets to promote their new single, which features popular television actor Pearl V Puri with Divya. The music video is titled “Teri Anghan May” and fans shower the video with immense likes and views.

In the previous episode, participants devoted a special show about Farah Khan’s love life and portrayed a very well choreographed story. To add, the director is happily married to Indian filmmaker Sirish Kundar, who belongs to the Bollywood industry. In the IBD Romance Special episode, Raj and Paramdeep pick up the emotional and romantic song of Sonu Nigam, Sau Dard Hai and touch the judges.

Subrani and Rutuja will be selecting Farah’s classical choreography for the song Kais Naino Se Nain Milav, along with judges who shower the couple with praise and admiration in today’s episode. The episode will continue with a real-life duo and smooth digging into the show’s host Harsh Limbachia and Bharti Singh’s unlimited amount of comedy shots and finalists.

Top Five Finalists of India’s Best Dancer:

The dance-based reality show has completed its many successful weeks and has finally secured the final teams, where Swetha Warrior, Adnan Ahmed, MD Aqib, Tiger Pop and Rutuja Junnarkar have managed to get places. IBD’s top five finalists include their choreographers Vertika, Shah, Ashish Patil, Paul Marshall, Sushant Khatri, Noel Alexander, and Bhavana Khanduja.

This Sunday, the finalists will set an interesting atmosphere on the sets and entertain the guests with a sizzling performance. Besides the acts, there will be many fun conversations between the judges and the guests. So don’t miss the fun of being India’s best dancer at 8 pm and help your favorite contestant reach the final, vote for them.