1GB data is priced at 2 thousand rupees, know which country has the cheapest data available

The real fun of a smartphone can be enjoyed only when you have no worries about internet data. With the increasing infatuation of online content and the advent of many OTT platforms, user data usage has increased significantly. At the same time, due to the Kovid epidemic, users continue to work from home in most countries of the world. For office work to continue without any interruption, it is important to have Internet data. The fact that we do not have to spend too much money for data is a consolation for us Indian users.

India is the only such country in the world where users have to pay minimum amount for 1GB of data. At the same time, there are many such countries in the world where users have to pay 2 thousand rupees for 1GB of data. So let’s learn about some of the countries in the world that need to pay at least 1GB of data.

Cheap data in these countries
According to a report by Visual Capitalist, the cheapest data are available in these five countries: India, Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Italy and Ukraine. India ranks first in India where users have to spend .0 0.09 (about Rs 6.5) for 1GB of data. Israel ranks second. Israeli users have to pay .11 0.11 (about Rs. 8) to their telecom operator for 1GB of data.

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Kyrgyzstan ranks third. The price of 1GB data in this country is 21 0.21 (about Rs 15.3). Speaking of Italy, users will have to pay 43 0.43 (about Rs 31.38) for 1GB of data here. Ukraine ranks fifth, where the cost of 1GB of data is 46 0.46 (around Rs. 33.56).

1GB data is the most expensive in these countries
In countries where users have to pay more for 1GB of data, Malawi ranks first. In this country of East Africa, users have to pay $ 27.41 (about 2 thousand rupees) for 1GB of data. Benin is in second place. This is an African country where users get 1GB of data for $ 27.22 (around Rs. 1986).

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Chad tops the list of countries with the most expensive data. In this country of Central Africa, users have 1 GB of data for their operator. 23.33 (about Rs. 1700) to be paid. Yemen ranks fourth. The price of 1GB data in this country is 98 15.98 (about Rs. 1166). Botswana ranks fifth among countries with the most expensive data. In this country, users get 1GB of data for 8 13.87 (Rs 1,012).

Data is expensive in the US and Canada too
According to Visual Capitalist, users are charged $ 8 (about Rs 583) for 1GB of data in the US. At the same time, the price of 1GB data for Canadian users is $ 12.55 (about Rs. 916).

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