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Solar Eclipse 2022 Date and Time, Surya Grahan Kab Se Kab Tak Hai: Today there is going to be a partial solar eclipse. This solar eclipse can be seen in many parts of the world including India. Due to the eclipse in India, its Sutak period will remain valid. The Sutak of the eclipse has started at 4 in the morning. This eclipse will be visible in India after noon.

Surya Grahan or Solar Eclipse October 2022 Date and Time in India: This last solar eclipse of the year 2022 will be visible in different parts of the world including India on October 25. According to religious beliefs, an eclipse is not considered auspicious. Therefore, it is advised to take special care during the eclipse. His Sutak period begins before the eclipse. Sutak period is the period during which no auspicious work is done. Know whether this solar eclipse will take sutak and what will be the time of the eclipse.

Surya grahan Beliefs

During the eclipse, worshiping is prohibited, but during the eclipse, the effect of the eclipse is reduced by chanting the mantras.

Tulsi leaves are put in the food items when there is an eclipse. It is believed that during the eclipse, contaminated rays and negative energy are spread all around. Because of this, harmful bacteria spread quickly in the food items. Many types of medicinal properties are present in Tulsi, so basil leaves are put in the food and drink when there is an eclipse.
At the end of the eclipse, a bath is taken and Gangajal is sprinkled throughout the house.

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Religious beliefs related to solar eclipse

  • Eclipse is not considered auspicious in the scriptures, so all auspicious works are stopped when the sutak is applied before the eclipse.
  • Worship of deities is prohibited during the eclipse. Even touching the idol of God is considered taboo.
  • The doors of all temples are closed before and during the eclipse.
  • After the end of the eclipse, the house and the place of worship are purified by sprinkling Gangajal.
  • Pregnant women should take special care during eclipse. They should not come out of the house or watch the eclipse.

15 days later, the total lunar eclipse will also be visible in the country

There are two eclipses at an interval of 15 days. Today there will be a partial solar eclipse and then on November 08, there will be a chance to see the last lunar eclipse of the year. This total lunar eclipse can be seen in India. The lunar eclipse in India will start after 5 pm on November 08.

What is the effect of this solar eclipse on Aries

Aries – A mixed effect of this solar eclipse will be seen on the people of Aries. In your zodiac, the solar eclipse will be in the seventh house, in such a situation it can have an adverse effect on your marital and married life. There is a need to tread carefully. The people of Aries should worship Hanuman ji to avoid the inauspicious effects of solar eclipse.

Today’s solar eclipse will be partial

The solar eclipse that occurs today after Diwali has special significance. According to the calculation of Hindu calendar, solar eclipse always takes place on Amavasya date, so this time also solar eclipse is taking place on Kartik Amavasya Tithi. This eclipse will be partial. Govardhan Puja will be celebrated tomorrow due to solar eclipse on the second day of Diwali. The effect of the eclipse will definitely affect the life of every person along with the country and the world.

Coincidence of Diwali and Solar Eclipse again after 10 years

This time a rare coincidence of Diwali and solar eclipse was seen when a solar eclipse occurred on the very next day after Diwali. Now a similar coincidence will be made after 10 years i.e. in 2032 when the astronomical event of solar eclipse will happen the day after Diwali. This time there will be many eclipses and on Diwali many planets will be present in their own zodiac in which Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Venus are the planets.

Chant these mantras during solar eclipse

According to astrology, it is auspicious to do mental worship of Sun God during solar eclipse. Chant these Surya Mantras during Solar Eclipse-
Hate: Suryadityom
oh hate : sun aditya shree
ॐ Hr Hr Hrun: Surya: Namah:
Om Hrim Hrim Suryaya Namah:

When does a partial solar eclipse occur?

A partial solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes partially between the Earth and the Sun, so that only half of the Sun is visible when viewed from a particular location on Earth. Scientifically speaking, an eclipse is an astronomical event when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun.

Prohibited work during solar eclipse

Worship should be stopped from the sutak period of the eclipse.
During the period of solar eclipse, cover the place of worship of the house with a curtain.
Do not worship the gods and goddesses even by forgetting today.
Do not eat or drink at all during solar eclipse.
Put basil leaves in the food items.

Solar eclipse viewing time in these cities

  • Kolkata – 4:52 pm to 5:03 pm
  • Chennai – 5.14 pm to 5:44 pm
  • Bangalore – 5.12 pm to 5:55 pm
  • Patna – From 4:42 pm to 5:23 pm
  • Gandhinagar – 4:37 pm to 6:05 pm
  • Dehradun- 4:26 pm to 5:36 pm

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