30 Years of Liberalization: How Much Time Will India Compete for China-US?

Mukesh Ambani, the richest businessman in the country, expressed confidence that the economy of the US and China could reach equity by 2047. Mukesh Ambani said this in his article on the completion of 30 years of economic liberalization in the country.

Ambani said: Mukesh Ambani feels that three decades of economic reforms in India are ‘unequal’ to citizens. He said that an ‘Indian model’ of development was necessary for wealth creation at the very bottom of society. Due to bold economic reforms, our Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which was 6266 billion in 1991, has increased tenfold today, Ambani said. In 1991, Ambani wrote that India had the vision and courage to change both the direction and determination of the economy.

License-quota raj ends: “The government has placed the private sector at an impressive height in the national economy. For this reason, in the last four decades, the place has been available only to the public sector. This has ended the licensing-quota raj, liberal trade and industrial policies. Was reduced to half.

Ambani said, “Critical infrastructure has improved much more than we thought. Now our expressways, airports and ports are world-class. The same is true of our industries and services.

30 years of liberalization: Can PM Modi perform a miracle like 1991? Not the easy way out

US and China equivalent: He wrote, “Now people have to wait for a telephone or a gas connection. Otherwise companies would have to get government approval to buy a computer. We are celebrating one hundred years of our independence in 2047. What could be bigger than that dream? We are equal to the US and China.

Ambani said the next road was not easy but we did not have to worry about sudden temporary problems like the epidemic. Nor is it to distract you from unimportant problems.

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