5 Life-Lessons We Have Learnt From Yashoman Apte And Hruta Durgule’s Phulpakhru

It is not wrong to say that Mother Devastali’s superhit creation is similar to that of Fulpakhru Abhyalya and Vadalvat. The secret to their success is the way these shows connect with their audiences, the commonality they share with each other. Now, like its predecessors, Fulpakhru’s journey is soon ending on a high note. So, with a heavy heart, we decided to list the aspects of the show that we will miss the most! See you once!

1. Soulmates are real

In this age of dating, our belief in love and soul has been wandering for some time. However, if you find a person who fits your puzzle, don’t leave them, Fulpakhru proved to us. Hold them tight and respect them for life. Love is blind when it comes to age!

2. It is not wrong to be ambitious

Seeing Vaidehi’s handling of his personal and professional life, we realized that being ambitious is not wrong. No matter how crazy you look, you can achieve what you dream about. Even if you fail, the situation will teach you more than your classroom knowledge.

3. Lessons on fatherhood

Like the people, Manas and Waidehi were equally ambitious. But, even during those tough times, he never compromised on Mahi’s care and development. In this hectic life, work meetings and email can put you on your toes, in the meantime, you have to steal time and spend with your loved ones.

4. Friends before fries

The fries are good for dipping the finger, especially in the mayonnaise. But, you know what’s more amazing than that? It’s nurturing your friendship and not leaving a friend when you need it. You’re welcome!

5. Giving people a second chance

Don’t be so stubborn; It doesn’t matter if your companions live up to your expectations. You have to understand that no one is perfect. Give people a second chance because everyone deserves it.

After reading this, we would love to know what life lessons you have learned from Fulpakhru. Let us know in the comments below.