6 Pics Of Ruchira Jadhav Aka Mazhya Navryachi Bayko’s Maya That Will Lure You Into Her ‘Mayajaal’

Ruchira Jadhav Making headlines for her character Mazya Navarrachi Biko. Actress Gurunath plays the role of the fallen smart and ambitious businesswoman Maya. Maya is currently trying to merge Radhika Masale into SB Group of Companies with the help of Gurunath. She has played her cards and is waiting for Radhika’s next move. While Radhika was struggling to save her company, Gurunath said,Mayazol‘And obsessed with her beauty. Well, how can one resist themselves when an actress like Ruchira comes on screen? The talented actress has gained immense number of followers with her Glamorous pictures She treats her fans on social media. Take a look at some fascinating pictures of Ruchira you can’t take your eyes off!

The actress dares to go bold for her modeling assignments and photoshoots. Here’s a picture of Ruchira raising the temperature by wearing a pink bralette and ripped jeans.

The actress has raced all of us by her looks even in ethnic costume. Check out this pic of Ruchira stunning us in an all white net sari and matching bralette that she turned into a blouse. Full points to the actress for making an effective style statement in saree!

Ruchira is the supreme diva who knows how to kill her clothes. In the image below, the actress poses in a black crop top and a pair of jeans.

Skirts are his favorite thing to wear Ruchira, which is evident in his colorful Instagram profile. The actress’s go-to outfit is an elegant skirt that she has worn several times. You can find the beauty of rocking a bright red skirt paired with a white crop top.

It is a well known fact that Ruchira is one of the best dressed actresses in the industry. She is a born fashionista and loves to show her collection on Instagram. Here is an unusual outfit the actress wore during the photoshoot. She wears a white one-sided kaftan with ruffle as she mesmerizes us with her beautiful eyes.

The actress keeps it casual with this yellow jumpsuit, she paired it with retro oval shaped sunglasses and white stilettos. Doesn’t she look beautiful?