71% of CBSE 10th 12th students did not do online class, now impulse to pass

71% of CBSE 10th and 12th students do not take online classes. Of the students who took the online class, 50 percent did not understand their studies. In such a situation, the board has begun to worry about passing the exam. The condition is not for any one student, but 80% of students in Patna (Bihar and Jharkhand) suffer from this mental problem.

According to the CBSE Regional Office and CBSE Pataliputra Siblings Complex, 71 per cent of students in the Patna sector are unable to do online classes. Students who have also taken an online class are constantly struggling with mobile network, data fatigue issues and do not understand their study.

Now that the board exams are coming to a close, students are in fear of attending and passing the exam. Students receive daily phone calls to the Ministry of Education’s counseling.

It may be noted that the school was closed due to corona. Online classes continued throughout the year. The students stayed away from school. Preparation of the test has been initiated by the Board. LOC has also been filled.

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Students are asking questions … the date of the board exam will be extended
The board exam date goes ahead or on time. Students are also starting to question this. Students are now giving information about not doing online classes. Rahul, a St Michael’s student, said he was not satisfied with the online classroom. Studying online didn’t make sense. The school should have a classroom. Student Pankaj Kumar said the sample paper is very hard and does not understand.

50 percent of children suffer from psychological stress
The board reduced the curriculum, but eliminated the easy chapter. That means Priyanka Kumari, a DAV BSEB student. Priyanka said there is a lot of tension about the curriculum. Only when the syllabus is complete will I be able to revise. According to CBSE, 50 per cent of students are under stress due to board exams.

The experimental class did not occur
Right now, most students are worried about the practical test. Students have begun demanding practical classes. According to Noureddem Academy, 104 students have asked the school administration to do practical classes in 164. At the same time, St. Michael’s and DAV students have also been urged to start lab classes.

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Abha Chaudhary (teacher, Notre Dame Academy) said, ‘There are definitely problems with online study. But children need to focus on self-study. There will be a board exam. Now is the time for them to focus on their studies. If possible, contact the teacher and make a sample paper. It will be easier if you start reading.

“The children don’t understand online classroom study,” said Pawan Kumar (parents). We are worried about how children will appear on board exams. The board should think about it. At least two months of schooling should be taken after that board exam.