75 percent of air travel complaints

In the second wave of the corona epidemic, complaints about air passenger reimbursement are not taking its name. According to information released by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the DGCA in April, about one-third of the total complaints were related to reimbursement.

According to the data, only 75.9 percent of the total complaints were related to refunds. At the same time, 7 percent to 6 percent of total complaints related to customer services and luggage. For the past several months, there have been constant complaints about repayment. In March, there were 65.7 percent complaints about reimbursement and 54.6 percent of complaints in February.

In March, 78.22 lakh people traveled on the domestic route, while in April this number fell to 57.25 lakh. Because of corona, people postpone their trip due to illness or due to lockdown at the destination, but during this epidemic, they have trouble getting refunds from companies.
According to sources, airlines are offering 4-4 ​​months long dates for refunds to their customers. According to an airline official, reimbursement is not a priority at this time as there are no new guidelines from the DGCA.

Several restrictions on flights by the central government are still in progress. The maximum and minimum limit for government-fixed flight rates has been extended to 31 May 2021. Also, as of May 31 last year, the number of domestic flights was limited to 80 per cent. The government issued a notification last month.
In view of the corona epidemic, the central government has set the maximum and minimum rates for each sector, depending on the flight time. The system is set to begin regular flights on domestic routes following a two-month ban from May 25 last month.

After allowing one-third of the flights on May 25 last year, the limit was gradually increased to 80 percent. In view of the increasing conversion of Kovid-19, it is scheduled to limit the number of flights by 80% by 31 May 2021. If the situation does not improve in the next few days at Corona, this limit may be raised again.

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