A series of expressions has been launched to share the teaching-learning approach in CBSE schools

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has launched a series of expressions to share students’ perspectives on teaching and learning in schools. Under this, schoolchildren will share their experiences during the Kovid period, from teaching methods, to adopting new techniques, to making curriculum interesting, to their learning. School students will present their views by participating in various competitions. CBSE has given detailed instructions to schools in this regard.

Try to understand the changes in the Kovid era
Under the competition, students from various disciplines will have the opportunity to share teaching and learning experiences during the Kovid sessions and to give advice to board examiners. What changes do you overcome before and during board exams, what learning activity did you like most from school during the Kovid period, and what is the best technique that the school used to teach and teach you during Kovid? , How do you teach? What is your opinion on the role of the school in relation to mental health, where students are only able to hold certain opinions on such a topic.

Students from primary to senior secondary will participate
According to the order issued by the CBSE, students of primary and senior secondary classes will compete. The competition, which will be held for students from 3 to 12, will present ideas in a constructive manner under various competitions. Competitions will be held for school students drawing, drawing, poetry, slogan writing, cartoons etc. Students will be able to show their participation in any language, Hindi or English under the competition. The competition will be conducted entirely online by CBSE.

The school-level competition will be held until February 18th
By order, students of CBSE schools will have the opportunity to attend school level by February 18. Schools organize the competition in accordance with the topics and topics presented at their level. Entries are called by email from the competition. Following this, the schools will send out a series of selective participants’ admissions statements to CBSE by March. All participants will also be given e-certificates to participate in the competition. There is work to be done to make students aware of this.

Competition at a glance

  • Students in grades 3 through 12 will attend
  • The school-level competition will be held until February 18th
  • Selective admission will be passed by the schools by March 01

Student Thinking Sharing Forum
Dr. Sarita Sharma, Principal of St. Columbus School in Dayalbagh, said the activities were organized from time to time by the CBSE under a series of expressions. Their purpose is to showcase the talents and ideas of the students. The school encourages students to participate in all expression series. A letter has also been received in this regard and entries have been requested from the students by order. After this, the best entries will be selected and forwarded to CBSE.


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