Aatma Bandhan 13th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Aarti cries as she looks at Ashoka’s shirt

Aatma Bandhan 13th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Aarti cries as she looks at Ashoka’s shirt

Police were called in to dig the hole. Aarti cries as she looks at Ashoka’s shirt. The excavator identifies the body. Men say the earth is so hard that they can no longer dig it. The police inspector decides to send the shirt to the lab and confirm the AB + blood group.
In the room, Ragini cries out that Ashok has not called her yet. He always feels good to her when she is never good to him. He was discharged from the hospital to protect her from any trouble.

Aarti comes to Chaitra’s room and stands in Chaitra Gallery, ready to jump. She tries to stop Chaitra, but she doesn’t listen. Aarti tries to get off her wheelchair. Agori Baba also reached around. The legs of care were strong enough for Chaitra to run away and pull her back.

She embraces Chaitra and asks why she did this. Everybody in the family gets there. Bhavani says she was worried about Aarti but this is good news. Aarti stands on her feet. The queen doubted how she would recover within fifteen days of the operation. Arati tells her that Chaitra is going to jump off the balcony, she is good to be safe.

Waida comes home. She asks Aarti if her feet are fine. She nods and asks about the report. Jaisima says the blood group is AB +. Arati falls down the stairs. Vaidya consoles her that she cannot draw any conclusions from blood stains. Matangi points to the mystical side of his home with bloodshed foreboding. Arathi wanted to go with Indra and search for the supernatural, Matangi also wanted to go.

They reach the supernatural. Arati speaks to the man and apologizes for insulting him. The man asks if that proves true. Aarti says her husband is also missing. The guy says he has a bad eye on his house, which is missing his house. He instructs them to meet Chauri Ukra; Chauri Pura, a village 150 km from here. They have been protecting the village from evil spirits for years.

At the Chauri Ukra place, the woman was treated by spirituality. Indra and Arati Chauri reach Ukra. Aarti requests him for help on her missing husband. Chauri Ukra did not get Ashok. Arati fell at his feet. Chauri Ukra tells Mata to trust Chaurashwari. Aarti prays for the protection of her Mangal Suter. Chauri sends Ukra to the water janta. Ashok is alive or death can be found in the water. They perform a water sacrifice in the lake, and Arati must arrive there at dawn.

Kriparkar has shown a check book to Ragini. He found it in her desk drawer. He tricked Ashok and signed him with a blank check. Kriparkar tells him to withdraw 1 crore and bring it back to him tomorrow. Ragini is trapped and angry at Kriparkar.

Arathi takes a bath in the lake. Chauri tells the Ukra Arati to wear green bangles, apply turmeric and sindoor. He is now signaling her to start her prayer and start her fast. Chauri tells Ukra Arati to bring water from the lake 101 times and bathe the idol of the goddess. She should not forget the count.

Ragini’s mother tells Kriparkar that Ragini has changed. She is not ready to withdraw 1 crore. If Ashok had not been alive she would have prevented the whole family from telling the game. She says she has not done this for any greed. Kriparkar says there is still time till tomorrow.

Ragini is getting behind. She is mad at her fake mother and goes to tell the whole truth to everyone. Chauri Ukra says that now Dia will show whether Ashok is alive or not. If it sinks, Ashok is dead. Aarati Diya goes to pray without drowning. Indraprasad worried that Dia would sink.

He goes to find Aarti and cries that Dia is gone. Aarti complains to Devi and walks away from the side of the temple. She never wanted to come in a white dress. She turned around and prayed for her husband’s safety. Indra Prasad noticed that Diya appeared again and shone. Arathi was grace. Chauri does the ukra calculations. He says Ashok is in trouble because of some bad stars on his birth list. He promised to learn about Ashok.

Ragini was driving down the main road. Kriparkar was hit by a van of goons. He is proud that he cannot escape her and get him caught.

Chauri Ukra sits in the back seat and says Ashok should be able to hear his breath. He may try to distract them, but he will not stop in the car and go in the directions he suggests.
At home, the lights shine. Everyone in the family was worried and terrified. Matangi thinks the scream is a sign that Asoka could not be killed.

Indraprasad’s car is facing a mud storm created by screams. Indra tells Aarti to lift the window. His eyes burned and the car stopped. Arati lets the car drive. She urges Indra that he cannot move past. On the way, the power pole catches fire and stops their car. Indra couldn’t see anything. He tells Aarti to reverse the car and go the other way.

There at home, the family prays. Arathi tells Indraprasad right in front of her house. Chauri tells Ukra to go quickly. The family goes outside with the sound of a car. Chauri Ukra gets out of the car. Indra assures the family that he is fine. Chouri rubs his hand over Urak Indraprasad’s head. His vision was regained. Indra says they were brought to their home. Chauri Ukra says Ashok should be in the same house.

At home, the door knocks, and the bulbs shine. Window panels smash. Arm chair rocks. Indraprasad asks what is all this. Chauri Ukra says there is some evil force. Indra asks whose power it is. Chauri Ukra says he should first seek Asoka, then he will talk about Shakti. He sends them to fetch a bag from his car. Aarti goes out, and Matangi follows. Arati Chourie thinks of Ukra’s words. Matangi asks if she knows now, because it screams. She should cry hard and let her pains bathe.

She must cry to save her son’s evil spirit. Her son did not return for her lullaby or stories; But to avenge everyone else. Aarti cries that she never thought her life would be so badly scattered. She must endure the severity of all this. He takes Chauri Ukra’s bag but the door is closed.

The screams speak that they will not let Arati go inside. Arathi was pulled to one side by invisible force. Matangi runs behind her. All the men inside are forced but unable to open the door. Jaisima looks out of the window as neither Arati and Matangi are here. Aarti was brought to the garden but she flung it to Matangi.

Chauri Ukra says that the evil force is trying to stop him because if he gets what is inside his bag of clothing, his work will achieve. He forbids anyone to go out and follow anyone. Matangi was now under the strain of the power of evil. It opens if Chauri throws the ukra religious kumkum to the door.

Outside, Matangi finds Aarti in trouble. A fire appeared to the trees in the garden. Matangi was tied to a tree. She tosses the cloth bag towards Aarti but Chauri Ukra grabs it. He uses his power to save Matangi. Matangi assures Arati that she is fine. Aarti weeps and accuses herself. Matangi says her tears will not melt. She lets Arati come and find Ashok.
At home, Chauri catches the Ucra hour and takes a round around every corner of the house. One corner bells. He laughs that Ashok is in this room. They go inside to check.

It was dark in the room. Chauri Ukra chants a mantra. The bed was moved on its own. Everyone had followed him to the room. Ashok’s tied body appears beneath the bed.

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