Aatma Bandhan 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update

Atma Bandhan 19 October 2020 Written Update, Written Update

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Atma Bandhan 19 October 2020 Arati requests Cheeru to be really disturbed. The scream shows his anger by the flash of lights. Scream asks him to bring him food, he is hungry. Aarti was delighted as she begged for her food for the first time in her life. She rushes to Matangi downstairs. The queen comes downstairs and takes Aarthi into the kitchen. Aarti shares with Matangi that for the first time in her life, Cheeru has begged for food from her. She doesn’t know what screams like.

Rani asks Aarti what she is whispering, she weeps. Arati says she was only missing the scream. She asks the queen what she likes to feed screaming. The Queen says this is pointless, because there is no scream. She says she loved the noodles that screams cooked for him.

He also loved pulav, and cashew nut yogurt and rice. She says that in the past five years, she has done nothing but tear him apart from feeding him. Aarti looks around and prepares food for the screams. She takes the owl up with excitement. Matangi gets upset and wonders when this game will end. Arati is wrong.

In the room, Aarti stood with a bowl of food. She called it screaming as she brought her favorite yogurt rice with cashew nuts. The nets and lights suddenly shone, the chairs starting to rock. Shirou asks if she knows what she likes. He asks her to bite. Aarti happily bites him and tells her to come to him. She fed him with her hands. Scream tells him to keep food in the corner.

Aarti requests to come forward, she wants to give him only one bite. He asks to place the bowl with Asthia. Aarti opens the door of the cupboard and leaves the cup there. The bowl of food was empty at once. Says cheer, it was a delicious dish. Soon, Aarti hears a knock on the door. That was Ashok. He asks her why she is at the door. He pulls her downstairs for food.

On the table of Dinner, Aarti gives Chaitra a stern look. If Aroti sits on the other end, Ashok takes a seat besides Chaitra. Ashok asks Aarti why she is in deep thought, she should eat. He moves Aarti as he is lost in deep thought. Aarti says she is not hungry, but Ashok bites in her mouth.

Late at night, Ashok massages the head of Chaitra and tells him to go to bed. Chaitra says she’s scared. Ashok tells her to fight her fears. She asks Aarti to sing her a lullaby. Arati tells Chaitra that she is not healthy and fidgety, Chaitra should sleep. Chaitra falls asleep. Ashok takes Aarthi to the room. Chaitra holds Ashok’s hand and Ashok Aarti’s back. Chaitra requests Aarti to sleep with her in the room and not leave her alone.

There in the room, the curtains flew, and the lights were flashing. Arati hears the screams of her wanting to hear the story from her. She turns around. Aaroti was worried by Ashok. Chairth asks Aarti to sleep with him. Arathi strictly tells Chaitra to lie down in silence, remembering that Vaidya has said that she has no demon or spirit. She should stop thinking that the scream is at home and has fallen asleep. Ashok wonders why Arati is behaving strangely for two days, something is wrong. Arathi silently apologizes to Chaitra in heart. Ashok sits down with Chaitra and proceeds to go to bed with her. He slept with Chaitra. Arathi turns off the lamp and walks away.

Aarti is sitting on her bed in her room. An empty bowl of food trembles and falls to the ground. Arathi was awake at once as she picked it up. She hears some strange noises with a scream as she goes downstairs to leave the bowl in the kitchen. Up the stairs, she steps onto a stuffed toy that screams like a living cat. The Queen looks up from the floor and asks what Aarti is.

Aarti says she went to the kitchen. Ashak spilled ink on the floor, taking water to the room in the bowl, says Aarti. The queen asks why she didn’t hear Matangi, and Matangi wanders around the house like a ghost. She’s going to replace her with a good maid soon. Matangi listens to the conversation and tells her that she will decide when to leave the house.

Cheeru comes to Chaitra’s room and pulls her out of bed. Chaitra screams for help. Ashok woke up and found Chaitra at the door of the room. Chaitra recalls her promise with Arthri and Ashok tells her that she had to go to the washroom. Ashok stands outside the washroom door, while Chaitra cries inside.

The next morning, Aarti brings the thal to the basil plant. The plant dries up in front of her. She unloads the thal and screams for Ashok.

Atma Bandhan 20 October 2020 Written Update