Adopt Me Ocean Egg Release Date 2021, When Is The Ocean Egg Coming To Adopt Me?

To say that the creators of Adopt Me on Roblox have been busy over the past year is an understatement. There are a lot of changes to the game and a total of twelve different updates. Here we go back to 2020 and all the new things DreamCraft has given us to keep things fun and safe. On February 29, Adopt Me introduced the Aussie Egg, which replaced Farm Egg in the Gumball machine. Egg has eight new pets, including the legendary kangaroo and turtle. The Aussie egg has already been changed to make these pets a little more desirable. Random Update was released in March. This update has allowed your pets to ride in vehicles with your avatar. In the past they had to run when you were driving for a nasty experience. This update also introduces the Choo Choo Train, allowing your friends and pets to join you on your journey around town. Improved stellar rewards came in March, which increases the quality of rewards for logging in every day. Before renewal, the best thing a player can hope for is a cracked egg after thirty days of login streak. Now players can get great star rewards for their streaks and cash in on new items. In April we saw a brief introduction of pet rock. Pet Rock was available for free and was already and Fly / Ride pet.

Adopt Me Ocean Egg

Remember when the official Adopt Me team said they had no plans for ocean eggs in 2020? Well, the time has come for us to really see the introduction of the ocean egg for the first time in Adopt Me. Here’s everything you need to know.

Sadly, a few days later, the pet rock was removed from the game and it was revealed that it was a little fun on April Fools’ Day. Your pet renewal came in April. Players have never worn their pets before. The renovation included a special event that became a permanent feature on the Hat Shop Adoption Island. Once again in April, a new phase of pet aging was introduced. Players can now create mega-neon versions of their pets. Megas are not easy to do yet and require more work but pets look amazing and are very valuable. In May, Monkey Fairground came to town. This limited-time event allowed players to gather a whole bunch of new toys, accessories and monkey pets. In July, Adopt Me introduced the adorable kitsune pet as a permanent addition to the store. Initially available at a 50% discount, Kitsune marked a significant improvement in the game’s most complex pet and pet animation at one time. There was also a renovation of pet luggage in July. The highlight of the event is the different pride pins players can buy and wear in the game.

Pins are made to support the LGBT community within and outside of Adopt Me. In October, the fossil island event began to give us a week’s time for the complete disclosure of fossil eggs. Fossil Eggs has introduced twelve new pets to the game, including the legendary T-Rex and Dodo. October saw the Halloween update with a pumpkin patch of Adoption Island. There were two new mini-games to play, and of course limited-time pets in the form of ghost bunnies, bats, and the legendary skeleton Rex and Cerberus. The major update for the year may have come in November with the introduction of trading renewals. The update introduced trade licensing and additional business slots, with the aim of making players more secure by reducing the risk of scams. The year-end squeezing is a winter update that is still running. Once again we have seen new pets, mini games and pet accessories. My friends in the review called Adopt Me 2020. I’m sure you’ll agree that the team at Dreamcraft has been working hard all year, and I’m excited to see what they can deliver in 2021.

Adopt Me Ocean Egg Release Date 2021

The Adopt Me team is currently working on a Lunar Update that will be released this month or in February 2021. With new and exciting changes to the game, Adopt Me fans are definitely in for a treat. However, the leak about adding Ocean Eggs to the game, which was previously officially denied by the Devs. So, when does it come into play and what does it offer? Here’s everything you need to know.

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