After consuming food, tea consumption is heavy on health, if you know the risk, you can quit this habit today

The side effects of drinking tea after: Beginning the day or relieving the fatigue of the whole day, this is the medicine of every merger, for people who love tea. But if you are one of those people who like to drink or drink tea immediately after eating food, change this habit from now on. Yes, caffeine in tea can cause many harm to health by increasing cortisol or steroid hormone in the body. Tell us what happens to the health of drinking tea after eating it.

Varun Katyal, Nutritionist and Wellness Specialist Accordingly, drinking tea immediately after a meal is not good for many reasons. It interferes with the absorption of many important nutrients from our diet. Tannins in tea can interfere with the absorption of iron and protein from our diet. It affects a person’s digestion by diluting digestive juices.

Disadvantages of drinking tea after consuming food
Increases blood pressure-

The habit of drinking tea after eating food makes you a hypertensive patient. In fact, tea contains caffeine. Drinking tea after tea can cause blood pressure. Patients with high blood pressure or high blood pressure should not drink tea after tea.

Risk for cardiovascular health
The habit of drinking tea after consuming food makes you sick. Drinking tea after lunch and after dinner can cause heart disease. This habit of yours can also cause a rapid heartbeat.

Digestive System Problems-
Eating tea as soon as it is done will weaken the digestive system and increase the amount of acid in the body. This causes the person to have trouble digesting food.

Iron Deficiency –
Drinking tea after tea can cause iron deficiency in the body. This causes a lack of iron or blood in the body. The phenolic compound found in tea disrupts iron absorption. Drinking tea after tea will make the body unable to absorb essential nutrients along with proteins, which can lead to anemia.

Headache is the problem
People often drink tea when they have headaches in their homes. It is considered the best home remedy for getting rid of headaches. However, after a cup of tea, headaches can be caused by gas buildup in the body.

Keep these things in mind-
If you like tea, you can drink tea after hours.

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