After Mewalal, Nitish’s other minister reached the goal of Tejashwi, saying – wife’s corruption is no big deal

Opposition leader Tejashwi Yadav, who has been accused of dishonesty in the 2020 Bihar polls, has been under attack since the formation of the Nitish Kumar-led NDA government. Another Nitish Kumar minister, Ashok Chaudhary, has come under the auspices of Tejashwi after the resignation of Education Minister Mewalal Chaudhary, who was accused of hiring scandal.

Tejashwi assaulted Ashok Chaudhary Sunday morning. He wrote in a tweet – CBI is investigating in court that Chief Minister Hon. Nitish Ji’s Mukut Mani, allegations of plagiarism, JDU executive president’s wife and minister Mr Ashok Chaudhry have defrauded and forged billions of money from the bank. Look at their honesty. Wife corruption is said to be no big deal

Wife accused in bank fraud case
In fact, JDU Executive President and Minister of State Building and Social Welfare, Ashok Chaudhary, in a conversation with Private Channel, in response to a question on CM Nitish Kumar’s murder allegations in 2009, said it would not happen unless charges were made. In such a situation, anyone can be blamed. At the same time, answering the wife’s charge sheet and the bank-facing CBI case, the Supreme Court ruled that, while listening to the High Court’s verdict, we will again fight the Supreme Court for a case. That said – what’s great about it. When the date comes, we put our stuff in the Supreme Court. If our case is dismissed by the High Court, we will fight further.