Agga Bai Sasubai 18 October 2020 Written Update: Shubhra To Bring Abhijeet Back?

In the latest issue of Marathi Marathi Program Aga mouth Sasubai, We get to see how Shubhra wishes her friends and Sohm’s belated anniversary. Is everything okay in their marriage? Shubra She replies that she is very happy with Soham and is fortunate to be part of the Kulkarni family. Shubra sheds tears after making the video call.

Shubhra and Asavari Share a happy moment in the kitchen. Asavari says it seems impossible to bring Abhijeet back home. Shubhra assures her that it is not impossible and that she has a treat. Shubhari tells Asa that she will prepare food without salt and deliver it to Abhijeet at Abhi’s Kitchen Cutlery. The hesitant Asari agrees.

Aswari writes a letter to Abhijeet and Soham questions her about her behavior. Soham asks her if she should understand why she is acting like this and that Abhijeet will not return. Soham tells Asa that Abhijeet must admit to her how she is before she comes into her life. Asawari says that she cannot ignore Abhijeet and will not get caught, and instead of all this he should focus on getting Shubra’s mangasutra. Shubha tells Soham that he has no right to talk about Abhijeet and Asavari. Shubhra then leaves to deliver the food to Abhijeet.

Abhijeet tells Madi and Vishwas that they want to change the environment as before. He tells us to change all that is affected by Asavari. Abhijeet gives Ganesha the idol and tells him to drown it. Vishwas tells Madi to take the idol from Madi and hide it in Sir’s cabin.

Shubhra gets there to deliver Tiffan but Abhijeet Refuses to take it. Shubhra says that she has a busy day and she asks Maddi to leave Tiffins there and guard her till evening and see Abhijeet touching her. Abhijeet distracts Madi and then takes hold of Tiffins. He realized that the food was without salt, and discovered the letter of Asavari, saying that his life was like this unsalted food without him.

Maddie returns home to Tiffany’s. Abhijeet sends salt and coal in tiffany with a letter. He does not want her life to be tasteless and thus sends salt, and he tells her that he is sending coal for Soham’s misfortune. Soham feels there is something to be done to keep Abhijeet and Asavari away.