Agga Bai Sasubai 19 October 2020 Spoiler: Will Abhijeet And Asawari Come Together Again?

In the previous episode of Marathi Marathi Program Aga mouth Sasubai, We have seen Shubra come up with a plan to get Excavator And come back Abhijeet. Asked by Soham Asawari about his efforts to bring Abhijeet back, Asawari says that he cannot be ignored, and instead of focusing on the return of Shubra’s mangasutra. Aswari sends the unsalted food and letter to Abhijeet as per the plan of Shubha. Abhijeet replies by sending those tiffins with salt, coal and a letter to Asa. Seeing all this, Soham thinks of doing something to keep Abhijeet and Asavari away.

Asavari calls the next episode Abhijeet And Baba tells him that he has called. She shares that Baba wanted to call him home to perform a ritual for his sou. Abhijeet agrees and says that he will come to Dattaji. As Abhijeet approaches the house, Shubhra is serving Rangoli and Abhijeet Asavari sees everyone wearing the traditional attire. Abhijeet is horrified to see Asavari waiting for him in the traditional saree. Asavari greeted him with a wide smile on her face. Shubra After seeing each other it is amazing to see the two of them happy. Will Abhijeet and Aswari reunite after this celebration?