All Dental Issues During Pregnancy – Answered by Dr.Suhrab Singh

One of the most common issues for women is dental problems during pregnancy. It is critical to find a solution to this problem to have a healthy pregnancy.

The most beautiful phase of a woman’s life is supposed to be pregnancy. And every lady wishes to spend this time stress-free. However, cramping, edema, and other unpleasant symptoms are an unavoidable part of the process. Aside from these challenges, dental issues are also a significant part of the journey. So, to help you prepare, Dr. Suhrab Singh, Noida’s best dentist, has compiled a list of a few dental concerns that you should be aware of while pregnant. 

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The following are some of the dental issues that a pregnant woman may face:

  • Pregnancy Gingivitis: This is the medical term for gum disease during pregnancy. If you’re pregnant and have a dental problem, tell your dentist about any changes in your teeth that may have occurred throughout your pregnancy. There’s a lot to consider, from tooth yellowing to soft tissue texture to bleeding when brushing to foul breath. The dentists will give pertinent advice that will assist you in maintaining optimal dental hygiene.
  • Soft Tissue Cysts: Pregnant women have a common dental health concern. It could frighten the pregnant woman and make her anxious. It’s critical to take care of these cysts since they can grow huge and unpleasant, allowing oral cancer to thrive. The good news is that, in most circumstances, once the baby is delivered, this problem is no longer a concern. However, if it persists, get medical attention and contact a dentist.
  • Dry Mouth: During pregnancy, a woman’s hormones undergo many changes. The mouth’s oral saliva neutralizes the acidic plaque, leaving them with a dry mouth. This can result in tooth decay and gum disease in the long run. Drinking plenty of water or sucking throat lozenges or sugarless hard candies   will assist you in dealing with this predicament.
  • Enamel Erosion: The morning sickness is one of the most challenging aspects of pregnancy, forcing a woman to reconsider her breakfast choices. Stomach acids might get into your mouth and stay there if you vomit frequently. As a result, a simple exercise of brushing your teeth after each such encounter would be highly beneficial. Other than that, Dr. Singh, the top dentist in Noida, recommends properly washing your mouth with water.
  • Dental Sensitivity: Dental sensitivity is the father of all these dental disorders during pregnancy. Gum disease, enamel erosion, dry mouth, and other factors contribute to a sensitive mouth. It may cause a sensation in your gums when you eat anything cold or hot. It can be treated with a dentist-recommended toothpaste or a mouth desensitizing gel.

All of these oral issues during pregnancy can make your journey difficult. These concerns are frequently overlooked throughout pregnancy, which is a dangerous approach. It’s just as crucial for a pregnant woman to keep stress-free and relaxed as it is for her to have good oral health.

But now you don’t have to be concerned if you pay attention to all of the points made in the article and take care of them.

Cheers to you for starting a new chapter in your life without any dental issues.

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