Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 13

PreCap: Nina is unconscious when she sees the news of a plane crash

Scene 1

All concerns to Naina. They too will be surprised.

Bina: Bella, what happened to her? Why did she fade?

Bella: Don’t know the sister-in-law. Rakesh Bhisab, please call the doctor.

Rakesh goes to call the doctor. Arjun and Anand picked up Naina and lay down on the bed.

Love worries.

After a while, the doctor examines her and injects her, to which she responds.

Bella: Doctor, what happened?

Doctor: He’s a little week but she seems afraid of something. Talk to him and find out what hurts him.

The doctor will go.

Bina: Nina, what’s wrong with you? Tell us.

Naina was silent.

Everybody starts to listen to him. Naina was silent. He was lost.

Bella: Everybody please leave. I’ll talk to them.

After much unwillingness, everyone leaves.

Bella: Tell me Naina.

Naina hugs Bella and cries.

Naina: Chachiji, TV plane crash

Munna then calls love and informs him about the flight accident and Sameer was on the plane. Love was traumatized by hell.

Love: Are you sure Sameer is getting on that plane?

Munna: Yes love. It crashed near Ahmedabad. I and Pandit were going to the place to find Sameer. Does Naina know this?

Love realized that she had gone to Moore.

Preeti tells Munna everything.

Munna: Please take care of it. He must be strong. We too have broken down. But my heart tells him that he is nothing. We will let you know once you get there. I had already informed Swati and Kama. They come to your home to support you. Please be persistent

Love nodded yes. He cut the call.

Bella: Tell me Naina. What flight?

Naina: Auntie, Sameer was on that plane. This means Sameer…

Bella closed Nina’s mouth and burst into tears.

Bella: Sameer is fine. Nothing should have happened to him. Don’t worry.

Love is called Rakesh and Anand. Arjun sees them go separate.

Love on the balcony tells them about the accident. They are shocked. Hearing this, Arjun is also worried.

Anand: Brother, my friends work in airlines, I call them and inquire about this.

Rakesh prays that Sameer should be nothing.

Arjun approaches Preeti.

Arjun: Love, tell me the truth. I heard Sameer was on that plane. But why are you worried about him?

Love: Nothing happened.

Arjun puts his hand on her head and tells her to swear on him.

Love breaks up and Sameer tells Naina about their relationship.

Arjun hugs her.

Arjun: You thought bad of me? Do I need my sister’s happiness? I will not let my sister go through the pain I am experiencing. Nothing will happen to Sameer.

Love and Arjun go to Naina. They embrace her and comfort her. Bella and Naina look at Arjun and realize that she knows everything about herself.

Bella: You stay here with Naina. I’ll go and send her sister-in-law and brother-in-law to her house. They will not sit in silence knowing this.

She grew up.

Scene 2

Vishakha wept when she heard the news. His brother comes and tells him that the private jet is ready and he will get to that exact spot. Vishaka, his brother and sister-in-law boarded the plane.

Varsha and Rajshree light the lamp and pray to God that nothing will happen to Samir.

Visakha and Munna reach Pandit’s place. They see the police recovering the dead bodies. He comforts Visakha.

Munna: Sir, is anyone alive?

Cop: No one is alive. Everybody is dead

Friends cry with Visakha.

Vishakha: It is because of Naina that this happened. If he hadn’t forced Sameer, he wouldn’t have boarded the plane.

Pandit: Aunty, she worries too.

Munna: Auntie, we go into the depths of the forest and check whether Samir is there or not. You stay here and see if anyone brings it.

Visakha’s brother also comes with him.

Visakha inquired about the hospital where he had taken the corpse.

Friends and mother’s uncle searched everywhere but could not find them. So, they go to the hospital. There is the identification of dead bodies. But they did not find Sameer there.

Visakha: If Sameer is not here, where is he?

All worries.

The girls sit down and inquire about the incident. Check all internet and news channels.

Anand: I questioned my friend. He told me that no one was alive.

Naina cries.

Naina: It’s happening because of me. I had to fast today. I am an unlucky girl.

Bella comforted her.

Munna calls Swati and informs her of the incident.

Swati tells the family.

He worries again because Sameer is missing.

Suddenly the voice sounds Ma as to Visakha.

Everyone turns around and sees Sameer standing with a slight injury to his head.

Everybody hugs him happily.

Visakha: Sameer, you’re fine. Thank God.

Then the doctor will come.

Healer: It’s a medical miracle. Only one person survived that brutal accident and escaped with minor injuries. It will recover in a few days. Come to the first room and relax.

He brought Sameer to his room and lay him down on the bed.

Sameer: ​​Where is Nanu?

Everybody is shocked.

Physician: Answer him. What happened?

Visakha’s brother calls the doctor alone and tells him that Sameer is dead.

The doctor was surprised. The nurse then brings him the report of Sameer. He inspects it and tells her to get into his cabin.

Vishakha, Mamaji, Munna and Pandit go to the doctor’s cabin.

Doctor: Sorry to tell you this. Sameer has lost his most recent memory. When did I die?

Visakha: About 4 years ago.

Doctor: It means he lost his 4 years of long memory. He could have missed more. Let’s check it out.

He goes to Sameer.

Doctor: Sameer, how old are you now?

Sameer: ​​14. I’m excited because I go to high school.

Everyone is shocked.

Munna and Pandit don’t know what to do.

Doctors tell family members and friends to inquire. He recognizes them properly.

Munna: Doctor sir, we have been friends since childhood, so he misses us.

Doctors inject Sameer. He sleeps

Doctor: You have to be very careful about that. Please don’t force him to remember things. Do not tell him of any serious event that will sharpen his memory. He will not be able to handle those goods. So, now, let things move slowly. It feels good to be somewhere. You can leave him tomorrow.

Visakha agrees. Going to the dock.

Visakha: Munna, Pandit; Have you heard the doc so please don’t miss her Naina. This is good. Let him forget about her. Don’t tell this to Naina. I want that girl to go out of Samir’s life.

Mamiji: But if we took her to Ahmedabad, she was asking about me.

Visakha: I’ll take her with me to Delhi.

Mamaji: But your mill doesn’t like it. She can behave badly with him.

Munna comes up with a treat.

Munna: Auntie, I have one idea. The plan was to join Patel in Mumbai to study CA. We were planning to leave.

Mamiji: That’s good. I ask Poonam to go with you. I will arrange your stay.

Visakha agrees and asks Mamaji to get the boys a seat.

Visakha: I have little doubt because she does not like to study on her own. But you guys are talking about CA OK. Take a look. I think that’s good for him.

Munna and Pandit smiled.

Scene 3

Munna calls Naina and tells her about Sameer’s memory.

Naina: What ???

Munna: But trust us, Naina. We have done an amazing project. You will come to Mumbai tomorrow. We also got a seat there. We can be friends there too. We are gradually realizing Sameer’s past.

Naina: But how do you get a seat?

Munna: Sameer’s father-in-law is a trustee there. They take care of it. Please don’t worry. Stay strong. We must overcome this challenge. If you can, please stay outside the hostel. I will ask for the details of our stay and let you know.

Naina nodded yes.

She tells this to her family.

Rakesh: Things are getting worse. Anand, let me go with Naina and stay where Samir lives.

Naina thanked her father.

When it comes to love mail that she has been selected to attend the Fashion and Beauty Course at the Mumbai Institute.

Everyone is happy.

Love: Naina, I’ll be there in a month. Then we work together to make Sameer aware of us.

Nina happily embraced love.

After a while Sameer woke up.

Visakha: Sameer, please listen to me first.

Sameer: ​​Yes mother.

Visakha: Son, you are not 14 years old. You are a 19 year old boy. You’ve finished your college. You wanted to continue CA, your I asked you to go to Mumbai to pursue it. When you successfully complete your CA course, they will see you, he said.

Sameer was surprised.

Sameer sees Munna and Pandit.

Sameer: ​​I don’t remember anything. But as I said, I will go.

Visakha smiled.

They are released.

Poonam, Sameer, Munna and Pandit have flown to Mumbai.

Sameer feels that he has some good feelings about Mumbai. He gets the shine of Naina.

At the same time, Rakesh, Anand and Naina are blessed with seniors and councils to visit Mumbai.

Naina hopes everything is over and Sameer should be thinking about it.


Kuh-Kunal, Mishti-Abir, Neha, Neil-Mini are in a video call discussing Sameer. Zoya looks at them.

Kuhu: I’m more worried for Naina. She is young and has to suffer so much pain.

Mishti: We need to talk to Naina and support her.

Abir: Sameer survived is the grace of God.

Zoya: Yeah, an accident can turn everyone’s life upside down.

Everyone looks at Joya. There was tears in his eyes and he went there.

Zoya thinks about her life and Aditya. Memories are flashing in his mind.

She plans to call Aditya. She dials her number.

Aditya: Hello Zoya.

Zoya hears his voice and cries. Adi is eager to hear his voice.

!!!! To continue !!!!

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