Angry about privatization, Rahul Gandhi said – Railways are a fundamental part of the country, not the individual

Former Congress president and MP Rahul Gandhi has severely targeted the central government. Addressing a meeting in Malappuram, Kerala, Rahul Gandhi said privatization is a fundamental part of our country. It does not belong to any one person. It belongs to the whole country. It makes millions travel cheaper.

“I have seen in the last budget that the government is going to privatize this Indian asset,” Gandhi said. Rahul Gandhi said this is a threat to the millions of poor people who use our railways. This is troubling for millions of employees who work for railways.

Rahul Gandhi, who arrived in Kerala, addressed the gathering in Malappuram and interacted with two children on stage. After the conversation, Rahul Gandhi said it was the future of the country. Wants to be a police doctor. She wants to become a policeman because she wants to protect the weak and the poor. She did not say what she should take from the poor.

Rahul Gandhi in his constituency Wayanad in 2014 after inaugurating the Kudumbashree Sangam at Pothady Gram Panchayat in Kerala, former PM Narendra Modi mocked the MNREGA in 2014, but the government’s role in protecting the country’s people during the former UPA rural Kovid-19 pandemic.

The Congress leaders paid a two-day visit to their constituency in the electoral state of Kerala. Gandhi alleged that when Modi became prime minister, he mocked the MNREGA in Parliament before all of us. He said it was an insult to the people of MNREGA.