Another new species of corona virus has been discovered in 11 countries, the highest in Denmark

Another new strain of the corona virus (B 1.525) has been found in 11 countries, including Britain and the US. According to a report released by the researchers, the presence of this new breed has been revealed in Britain, the US, Nigeria, Denmark, France, Belgium, Spain, Canada, Australia, Ghana and Jordan.

Denmark has the highest number of 35 cases, with 33 cases in the UK, 12 in Nigeria, 10 in the US and five in France. According to the report, this new corona virus is similar to strains found in South Africa and Brazil, making it more resistant to antibodies. Although these new cases of stress have not been reported in India, strains in South Africa and Brazil have been knocked out.

Central India on Tuesday said that four people have been found in India with the SARS-COV-2 virus infecting South Africa, but a version of the virus in Brazil was reported in the first week of February.

ICMR Director General Balaram Bhargava said the four people returning from outside India are sure to be infected with the South African virus. Two of those infected returned from South Africa, while one returned from Angola and Tanzania. All passengers and people in contact with them are kept separate.