Anup Jalota played Lord Krishna in his new song, Geetanjali Mishra as Radha.

Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota, who has been seen as a contestant in ‘Bigg Boss’, is in the discussion about his new song these days. Recently Anoop Jalota played Lord Krishna in his new song. Talking about this character, Anoop Jalota said that it is a special feeling to play the character of Lord Krishna, that too being the composer of the song himself. The team was fantastic which included co-starring actor and co-lyricist Deepti, Gitanjali as well as very talented actresses as well as producers and other members of the team.

Gitanjali says, ‘In Indian television / films, I am mostly known for playing the role of a gray shade or for negative characters. It was a completely different and enjoyable experience because I never shot any of the entire song. In such a situation, I really feel blessed to play the character of Radha ji. It was a feeling of complete bliss. ‘

Deepti said that the song is very close to my heart and I feel emotionally connected. Team work was the most important as everyone has the best potential so the team performs brilliantly if the intention is good.

Captain Vineet Chaturvedi of Celeb Conex reported that apart from Geetanjali Mishra as Radha, the two singers are also actors in the song while Anoop Jalota plays Lord Krishna. Deepti played the human role of Bansuri. The song has been shot in Mumbai as Mathura / Vrindavan.