Anupama 10th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Pakhi’s birthday party continues

Anupama 10th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Pakhi’s birthday party continues. She asks Vanaraj what time everyone should wait at home. She checks in time with her friend and tells her it’s already 8:30 pm, so they have to leave. Vanraj She’s right. Kavya cuts her cake and then insists on going.

Vanraj says she must do as Kavya prepares it with hard work. Pakhi says she is texting Mommy. Wanraj says. Kavya thinks her plan will fail if Pakhi leaves after cutting the cake, so she has to do something. Anu informs the family that Pakhi took the call after much effort, but later disconnected it, saying there should be a network problem.

She asks Ba and Bapuji to have dinner until Pakhi and Vanaraj arrive. Dolly receives a message from Vanraj coming with Pakhi in 15 minutes. Bapuji says they will wait till then. Anu says that Pakhi does not immediately cut the cake, first changes the dress, then clicks on the picture, etc., so they must have food by that time.

Pakhi cuts the cake and shares it with friends. Thank you for walking to Anu Pakhi’s friends and bringing Paki to her party. He thanked her for the ongoing party. They say I have planned games with make-up kits, headphones, etc.; So if they persuade Pakhi to go back to the games. Friends urge Paki to go back to games.

Pakhi says she can’t stay for the boring soft toy gifts because mommy’s been waiting. She says the gift includes a make-up kit, headphones, etc., so she should come back in 30 minutes. Vanaraj says she should stay behind if her friends insist. Pakhi agrees.

At home, the family is disappointed when Pakhi does not return. Bapuji says that Pakhi is a child, but Vanaraj must have realized that he worked hard for the party all day. Ba asks his son not to blame everything, as usual. Anu eagerly waited outside the house and vanaraj walked out of the car. She asks Pakhi where her friends are, and the family eagerly awaits her.

She takes her to inform the family that Pakhi has arrived. They all wish her a happy birthday and ask her where she is, just like everyone else who is waiting anxiously. Kinjal brings his cake. Pakhi looks around silently. Ba asks where his friends are. Bapuji asks Vanaraj if something happened. Wanraj says that Pakhi had already attended a birthday party at the 5 Star Hotel with her friends organized by Kavya.

Pakhi says her friends need to get back home by 10:30 pm, so she didn’t come along. Wanraj asks to show his new phone. Pakhi shows. Mamaji says it should be expensive. They say its the latest model. Mamaji Wanraj used to say that children should not be given an expensive phone, but now gave themselves an expensive phone gift to Pakhi.

When Anu works hard for the morning, Samar asks how Kavya can attend her party. Pakhi argues with them. Bapuji, Ba, and Mamaji support Samar. Toshu says that at least he should have been informed because Kinjal is waiting for him to come and cut the cake. Pakhi runs to her room, crying that she has to tolerate anyone screaming for her birthday gift.

Wanraj applauded, accusing Anupama of giving people gifts for her children on her birthday, but she brought tears to her daughter; He blames the whole family for making his daughter cry and tells him that his daughter’s happiness is with him, so he takes her. If his happiness was far from his father’s, he wanted to prove himself great, which he did, and now he wants to break the house; Why is he still waiting here. Vanaraj walks away. Ba goes to console Pakhi.

The power is off. Anu takes the cake to the kitchen and cries vigorously. Samar walks up to her, and she hugs him and cries and tells him that her daughter Creed has overtaken her. Samar says it’s not his fault. She asks him to serve everyone a dinner so that power may return late.

Kavya called her and boasted that she would be the wife of Vanaraj, she was always the mother of her children, but her daughter left her party and attended my party; She planned to take Vanaraj home instead of her daughter’s party and trap him, but she would not let him do it and Anu could lose her children.

Anu says that these practices are appropriate for Kavya and Vanraj, the children are tempted by the Joker’s tricks on the road, but eventually always return home to the mother; She may try her best, but she cannot take her best friends. Kavya says she had the same faith in her husband, but he left her and came to me without cooking or washing clothes.

If Anu were to come to poetry, she would have been 8 years ago; He did not come for himself, but had to go helpless after Bapuji threw him out of the house; Kavya couldn’t even steal the relationship properly, forget about stealing it; Bapuji threw Vanaraj into the road and Kavya chose it, and she should be proud after taking things on the road. Poetry smokes.

Anu then walks into Pakhi’s room and asks to show her party pictures. Pakhi says she wants to come, but she cannot, at the urging of her friends Kavya and Papa; If she is angry at her. Anu says that the mother is angry about her daughter’s problems but not the mistakes.

Pakhi also says that she is sorry that Kavya had snatched Pakhi from her and did not want to stay behind, but had to do for Papa’s sake. They say children should not interfere with the problems of elders. Pakhi enthusiastically shows how her friends reacted when she was gifted a makeup kit, headphones, etc.

Anu says that she must forget what Papa gave her and remember what Papa did for her. Pakhi asks who is gifting expensive headphones and make-up kits. Wanraj has forgotten that one can do business with money, but not love; He does not know that if a father tags them all with money, the children will do the same.

PreCap: After the month starts, they discuss with Ba Anu that they have big grocery bills. Samar tells Anu that he will work. Bapuji returns his medicines to the pharmacist. Anu calls Vanaraj and laughs that he is in financial trouble. Rakhi Anu insults that the relations of the middle class people are based on needs and that they make their Sauda a Saheli / friend for money.