Anupama 16th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Rakhi continues her drama

Anupama 16th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Rakhi continues her drama. They shout that the Shah family is so proud of the cremations, that their son has taken the daughter and he does not know what to do with her. Ba asks why she is ruining her daughter’s dignity. Rakhi says that he is telling the truth to the public, the truth of the Shah family, the boy whose father is a playboy, clearly runs away with the girl.

Vanraj shouts that Rakhi Dave has exceeded the limits. It is not his fault that Rakhi has crossed the limits of his son, his father has a wife and a girlfriend. People record the drama. She tells the inspector that she sees the father’s relationship and breaks the alliance, pleads to save her daughter, or else this is a cheap and greedy family. Anu shouts to stop her but her family is her pride and it is her duty to protect her pride if Rakhi hurts her pride.

Rakhi complains to the inspector and cries to return her daughter Kinjal at no cost. Anu says that Kinjal is like her daughter and that instead of quarreling, they should look for both children. Vanraj supports Anu and says that if they don’t find the children, they don’t know what they will do. Rakhi shouts and asks the Inspector to arrest Anu for kidnapping her daughter. The Inspector has ordered the constable to arrest Anu. Mamaji says he cannot arrest Anu this way.

Ba supports him. The inspector says she will be arrested. Samar asks him to be arrested too. Wanraj warns that Inspector Anu cannot be arrested or else he will file a complaint against Rakhi for abducting her son. Rakhi shouted to arrest Anu soon. Wanraj says that no woman of the Shah family goes to jail, they come to the police station but go with their lawyer. Ba asks her to arrest her as she slaps Rakhi. The inspector asks when.

Ba now tries to slap Rakhi, but the family prevents her. Rakhi’s drama continues when Toshu and Kinjal enter and say that there is no need for anyone to be arrested because they have been married by mutual consent. Inspector Rakhi has her daughter married with adult and mutual consent, so he cannot arrest anyone. Rakhi shouted, manipulating her daughter. The inspector leaves with his team.

Toshu says he never thought he should marry in court without parental permission. Anu comes into the house and asks to speak. Rakhi walks towards Kinjal and Anu holds her hand and raises her hand to slap her. Rakhi holds her hand, how dare she interfere between her and her daughter.

Anu tells her that she is interfering between Rakhi and her bahu and says that perhaps they have a ritual of beating children, but we do not; If Rakhi had happily embraced her alliance, she would not have to look to this day. Rakhi shouts that she will make her life hell and Kinjal warns her that she has seen her mother’s love and now see her anger.

Ba warns her to stop the drama, otherwise there will be no police to stop her. Rakhi walks away. Mr. Shaw has fled and married, with the public debating what kind of burial he is. Anu asks Ba, Bapuji, Mamaji, Toshu and others to walk beside Vanaraj. Rakhi walks down the street shouting that he will not save the Shah family.

Anu performs Toshu and Kinjal Arati. Kinjal says her mother wanted to send her to the US, so she had to make the move. Wanaraj shouts as Toshu doesn’t trust his parents and why they took the wrong steps.

He accuses Anu that her cute Toshu is spoiled. Anu says what happened is right, but the way is wrong; Toshu asks if he doesn’t trust his parents. Kinjal says he was terrified and didn’t know what to do; Toshu says he felt all the way closed and was really scared. Wanraj applauds and says that he has not seen Rakhi’s play, Kinjal knows what her mother is like.

Anu now asks the children to stop beating. Ba says that Rakhi repeatedly tries to harm them and humiliate them as before. Ba asks him to stop as he sees the big drama already. Ba says that if Kinjal stays here, Rakhi will come back and create drama. Kinjal says she will go from here. Tosu holds her hand and says that if they have any problem, they will go from here, somehow everyone is concerned about dignity and happiness, they forget what they can do, but we are not. Ba scolds him that he made a mistake and was arguing with them.

Toshu says Papa made a mistake and she accepted him again, he made a relationship, but Ba broke up one. Ba stands in shock. Tosu says let’s go from here. Anu stops him. Toshu says that Kinjal has left her parents and luxuries to her, first to each other and now to the family. Anu warns him to stop and asks Samar and Nandini to take him inside.

Poetry feels that Vanyaraj is not choosing her call or answering her messages, he is not in the office or with a friend if he is still with Anupama. Anirudh wishes her good morning and offers her coffee, referring to her as his wife. She throws her coffee and tells her that she is not his wife. Officially she’s still like Wanraj’s unhappy husband, a bin pende ka lota / container without the original adage that fits well with Wanraj. Poetry smokes.

The poetic family tells the elders that the children have made a mistake because of the firmness of the elders; Toshu and Kinjal have never been a problem in this relationship, and the earliest problems were due to her education, Rakhi’s persistence, or looks at Vanraj. Wanraj asks whether they should accept their relationship, whether they want to admit it or not.

Bapuji says that marriage is not a rumor to accept it or not. According to Anu, Bapuji was right, Toshu and Kinjal got married after taking oaths before God; Marriage is not a child’s play that ends when they get bored, the relationship may be weak but not funny.

PreCap: Ba tells Anu that she was a wife, a DIL and a mother and now a MIL, her responsibilities were fourfold. Kinjal Kheer prepares and presents it to Ba. Ba spills chilli on her mother and she delivers the dessert. Kinjal asks if she is punished for her mother’s wrongdoing. Ba is the eldest in this house and shouts that everyone should follow her