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Anupama 17 October 2020 Poetry demands Panditji to wait till his groom / Vanraj arrives, but Pandit says that Muhurath has already passed and he cannot wait much. He returns the Shagun items and leaves. Vanaraj sends her a message that she cannot leave the house today and that she will not harm him in anger. She snapped her mobile and Shagun Thali in shock. Anirudh gets there and catches her when she collapses. The wedding ceremony of Vanaraj and Anupama begins. They both walk to the groom and bride’s mantup with the family. Star Hain Barati..Song..Place Place.

If poetry wakes up and informs Nandini, Anirudh asks what he is doing here. Anirudh says that Vararaj again fooled her, he should realize that marriage is not a child’s play, he is still married to her and Vanaraj is married to Anupama. He goes on and asks if she agrees that he will marry her there again, he may bite her and quarrel, but he will never leave her.

Toshu and Samar bring garlands embedded with childhood photos of themselves and Pakhi. Nandini hurriedly arrives and sees Vanaraj resting there. Vanaraj is tense, imagining poetry there. Anu gets a feeling when she sees photos of children in garlands. Samar says this is Bapuji’s idea. Ba joke can’t get her auto, but she’s got this good idea. Nandini says good Vanaraj uncle didn’t go to office today. Sanjay says he will not let Vanraj go because it is a question of his sister’s happiness. Emotionally she says she is lucky to have such a family and hopes she will get a single family with her 7 lives. Mamaji jokes. Ba requests his 25th wedding anniversary and asks to exchange garlands in style. Samar and Toshu lift Anu and Vanraj. They exchange garlands. Kinjal encourages him with others, Rakhi notices it and gets angry. Then they sit down for the next celebration. Anu’s mother begins the ritual of washing the Vanraj foot. Vanraj stops her and requests him not to touch his feet. She says she did it 25 years ago. He tells her that he is her Damad then, but in 25 years he became her son, so she won’t touch his feet. Anu is very happy to hear that. The mother washes her feet with milk and water without touching it.

Thanks for everything Vanaraj. Vanaraj thanks her for having endured him for 25 years and he is nothing without her. Toshu tells Nandini that the good Kavya did not come here, he knows what to do otherwise. Nandini says she sent Anirudh uncle to the temple. Anu repeatedly checks the mobile and asks if he is calling Kavya, she hasn’t reached it yet. He lies to be the messaging boss. At the temple, Kavya receives Vanaraj’s message, throws her flowers and taxi to Vannaraj’s house to confront him. Anirudh realizes that she went to Vanaraj’s house and called Nandini to warn her, but her phone is away as she is busy watching the rituals.


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Release Date:17 October 2020
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