Anupama 18th October 2020 Written Update Twists in wedding

Anupama 17 October 2020 Written Renewal Turn on Kavya’s life gets mad for Vanaraj to get it. She wants to marry him at no cost. She cannot see him marrying Anupama. She wants to expose their relationship to everyone so that she gets Vanraj. She is very upset that Vanaraj did not come to the temple to marry her. She has been waiting for him for hours. She decides to go to his house and see him. Vanaraj in fear of not being able to marry Kavya. He texts her that he cannot come to the temple, the next time he marries her. She is going through the moors of shock.

Anirudh reaches her and supports her shoulders. She gets angry at seeing him. She knows that Nandini informed him and took her to the temple. She does not want his support. He asks her to see reality and accept it. Vanaraj is about to marry Anupama for the second time, he says, not marrying Kavya. He tells her that she can never take Anupama’s place. Poetry does not want to hear it.

He tells her Vanaraj is fooling her, she is kidding herself, she is decorated as a bride and Vanaraj is nowhere. He explains to her that Vanaraj will never accept her. He asks her to let him in because he has not received the Witchcap yet. He knows she still loves him. He tells her that even if he quarrels, he will never cheat on her. He proposes to her in marriage. He tells her that they should let their marriage.

She doesn’t respond to him. Vanaraj and Anupama arrive at the mantapa to marry. Anupama looks impressed with her groom. The two congratulate each other. Ba wants him to exchange garlands. Kids make it very special. They get pictures of Anupama and Vanraj in the necklace to show their 25 years of marital journey.

Bapu Ji tells him that beautiful moments are captured in the pictures. He wanted to present those moments to them. Anupama cries of joy. She is blessed to have such a family. She says she’s lucky to be loved by her mum and ba. Vanaraj and Anupama have fun while exchanging garlands. Rakhi’s play is tough to digest.

She tolerates boring drama. Nandini tells Paritosh that she has sent Anirudh to deal with poetry. She asks him not to worry. Vanaraj pays tribute to Anupama’s mum. He does not want her to repeat any ritual that causes her to touch her feet. He tells her he is her son now. Anupama is very happy to see that he has a relationship with his family.

Vaniraj is terrified to imagine Kavya coming home and asking him to marry her. He wants to get her the answer. Anupama asks why she did not come to attend the poetry wedding. She is so happy to experience the biggest moment of her life again. Vanraj asks her not to cry. He thanked her for bringing so much joy into his life. Kavya grows stronger to handle herself. She tells Vanraj to reveal the truth. She wants Vanaraj Anupama and her choice. She sets out to meet him. Anirudh failed to stop her. He tries to inform Nandini about the poet’s anger. He fears Kavya will ruin Anupama’s happiness on her special day. How does Vanraj handle Kavya now? Keep reading.