Anupama 21 October 2020 Written Episode Update: Is Anupama a witness to the truth?

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Anupama and Vanaraj’s Gathbandhan relaxes. Dolly asks how it got loose, she tied it tight. Ba also responds. Poetry smiles at it. Anu cries. Bapuji says that this is not his nonsense and that this indicates that after 25 years his daughter has set herself free and moving forward in life. Anu grabs Vanaraj’s hand and says that Gathbandhan can relax, but not her hand.

Everyone claps, and young people insist on postdiving rituals. Vanraj has been suffering from back pain and has been resting for a while. Poetry heard it and slipped into Vanaraj’s room. Ba urges Wanraj for postdiving rituals, but allows him to see his acting. Vanaraj walks into his room and is shocked to see Kavya sitting on the bed holding the mangasutra. He hurriedly closes the door and asks her to go before anyone can see them.

Anupama asks Devika to go to her room with her as she wants to balm to Vanraj. Devika scoffs as to why she wants Kawab Mi Hadi, what Jijaji thinks. Anupama insists, and Devika agrees. When Rashi congratulates Anu and Anurag stops paying attention to poetry, from here he will walk towards Anu’s room. Devika smokes, but Anu consoles her and jokes that Devika may doubt and she trusts her husband. Devika says she made a mistake and jokes again about Vanaraj this time. When Samar stops Anu and tells him that there are pictures of everyone at the wedding except for him and Mommy, he is about to enter the room. Devika clicks pictures of her.

Kavya confronts Vanaraj, who betrayed her and instead of marrying her first, he married Anu and completely ignored her, he should be aware of her pain. He requests her to go there before anyone can see her, but she yells that Anu has left him since she was 8, but henceforth, Anirudh is right that Vanaraj will never marry her, she does not want to be his second woman now and wants to be his first wife. She continues to yell and panic and is now urging her family to let her know about them. Vanraj says her family will not accept it and will not let her marry her.

Although he gives Witchcress a treat, Anirudh does not witch poetry, so instead of ending it all at once, he tells her to let him handle things. Poetry calms down and hugs him and says she wants to be him. Vanraj answers the same. After the maid and Samar have solved their problem, walk into Anurag’s room and let people call her shameless. She happily opens the door of the room and is shocked to see Vanaraj hugging Kaviam, who only loves her and takes her to bed. She collapses. Vanaraj wakes up and rushes towards Anupama.

Prerequisite: Vanraj rushes towards the unconscious Anupama and orders the poet to leave and deal with his wife. Kavya clashes with Devika and Dolly.
Dolly finds the suhagat bed flowers on her and calls them all. Rashi feels her desire is full and now she is just entertained. The poetry runs away.