Anupama 28th December 2020 Written Episode Update: family enjoys Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding rites

Anupama 28th December 2020 Written Episode Update: family enjoys Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding rites

Anupama Toshu has been busy sewing her wedding pagodi when Vanaraj calls her. She pierced the needle into his finger. He asks if she’s fine. She asks him if he needs anything, and then shows him that Toshu is looking at his childhood album. He remembers all the events and says the children grow up so quickly. They emotionally relive old memories. He tells her that because of her work and still can’t spend time with the kids, but she’s always been quiet and that she’s with him now. She is just a mother of children and she tells him not to expect much from him. His expectation is poetry and he got it, he says, his present and future is poetry. He asks what she’s doing here, he should go and sleep. He walks away angrily.

Samar drops Nandini to the door and wishes her good night. She gets tense seeing 2 men passing by. Samar walks away to leave her home. Mana Ke Hum Yar Nahi..Song plays in the background. He imagines his romantic moments with the song. She’s cool, and he gives her his jacket. She shakes him and asks what he is seeing. Says dream with open eyes. Who is she asking for? He opens the gate of her house without answering, and she walks inside. She sees him go.

The next morning, the decoration for the wedding begins. Anupama’s mother walks in and greets Bapuji. Samar touches her feet and asks where Bhavesh Mamu is. Nani says she has gone for some training for 2 days and ask about Ba. Bapuji Ba is known as Reina Roy. Wait wearing a neck neck band due to neck sprains. Mamaji jokes that she is now watching Nirupa Roy. Ba says he was strangled during a dance yesterday. Dolly asks if she danced by the neck. Bapuji jokes about asking her to become Helen. They are all kidding and asking Ba Dali to remove the Neck Band. Anu walks in and hugs Nani. Vanaraj walks forward. Nani reminds her of her betrayal and stands silent. He insulted her without touching her feet. Nani says it’s okay because there is no relationship now. Ba tells Anu and Vanaraj to worship him and says that for the sake of children, parents must do it. They both worship and pray for today’s work without any hassle. Rakhi walks in a short time and wishes everyone good morning. Ba tries to bring her black glasses and Rakhi is wearing at least a full sleeveless blouse for her daughter’s wedding, and she is left alone with her husband today. Rakhi says he has gone for some important work. Ba asks if she has done anything wrong again and Rakhi fumes and walks away. Anu congratulates Rakhi on her daughter’s wedding. Anu tells her today that she is destructive and she completely annihilates Anu and reminds me of yesterday’s challenge that this is just the beginning. Anu feels that she does not know what Rakhi thinks and walks out to fetch Kinjal. Wanraj goes to fetch Toshu. Ba scolds Rakhi and asks if she wore fake jewelry. Rakhi shouts as to why she is wearing fake jewelery for her daughter’s wedding. Mamaji jokes.

Toshu and Kinjal walk into the room with Vanaraj Anu and ask him if he has anything to do. She says she will. They say the home system is going well. Kavya Video calls him. Anu walked over to see it. Vanraj picked up the call. Kavya says she looks beautiful. He says thank you and asks if she hasn’t gone to the office yet. She says she will. He says that dealing with Vishal Sharma is not easy. She tells him to cope and asks if the arrangements are going well if he has a back pain as he lies on the bed. He says he slept on the bed. She asks if Anu has asked for money. Says no. She asks if he is hiding it from her. She requests if she can attend the wedding. He tells her that he hasn’t already, and that the call disconnects that she has called him to relieve his mood. Kavya feels alone here.

Samu announces the entry of Toshu and Kinjal / groom and the bride. Everybody claps for them. He seriously walks with Anu and Vanraj. Kinjal asks Rakhi about Pramod. Rakhi says he had a major meeting with international investors. He says it was okay because Ba and Bapuji would perform his Canyadan. Bapuji tells her that she is okay with leaving Rakhi jealous. Panditji asks the bride-groom to exchange garlands. The two of them angrily look at each other and try to exchange garlands when Anu stops them and let it stop because the wedding is useless.

Precape: The family enjoys Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding rites. Rakhi feels that within a few minutes there will be a much stronger fire than the Havan fire. Panditji asks the groom’s parents to hold the bride and groom’s hand. Kavya walks in and shook hands with Anu and Vanaraj to visit her boyfriend’s son’s Precape, making everyone angry.