Anupama 8 November 2020 Written Episode Updates

When Anupama loses courage, her son Samar doesn’t give it to her and when you say you have to start all over again, you see that Anupama understands and dances again, on the other hand, we see Vanaraj is late. His office and meeting are over and everyone is gone. What says Vanaraj is angry at him and says that you have a meeting without me,

You took credit for the assignment I loved so much, and then Kavya only says what are you talking about, I think your inner mail can’t say a girl can stand with you, and she says assignment is something I told her I and Raj have done together You know you have.

Hearing this, she leaves in anger, on the other side you see what Nandini is saying to Summer, I am very happy that you are supporting Anupam Aunt and I am telling her that you are very clever, I am proud of you three and three summers If I sleep on me, Babuji and mother Except when he said no one else did. I have a feeling they are close to me.

After a while, Nandani leaves, and Samar also walks away. After a while we see Nandini and Anupama dancing in Nandini’s house. While they are doing it, Samar takes Babuji there and when they see Babuji Anubha dancing, they are very happy that Anupama dances very well when Anupama and Nandini dance. He comes closer and tells Anupama that you will dance very well

I don’t know that Babuji’s tears come to his eyes as he says this and I don’t know Sousa’s mother-in-law coming into the kitchen and he goes and grinds it with spices and says to him, forgive me, then Anupama Babu ji says no, there is no such thing as babu ji If Nandani tells your teacher that you come to learn dance from her, she is not,

I won’t be able to do that right now, you can and you say you make new food for the kids. You will definitely be dancing more in Omar and there is no age to learn, only then Anupama agrees to learn to dance. . I am coming home and Babuji is going home. She is waiting for us. When Anupama and Babuji start to go from there, her babuji asks you do something strange for a few days and if you are very happy a person is suddenly very happy, then there is only one secret that he is hiding a lot of pain within himself,

Only when Babu Ji says you don’t tell your mother, Anupama’s eyes start to tears. So if you don’t have to say it yet, tell a father. If you don’t mind, don’t tell. Then you can and I will always be with you. Anupama and Babuji are going to go home. Do you see what bondage is telling Kavya to think about, then work says why should I think of saving this marriage when there is nothing in our midst?

Why is he not giving me the Witch Case, then the only request is that when the powerful does not live with you today except for his family, I can think of a bonus if you have all of us, but I think about the serial of the day and it goes on, Anupama cooks dinner and When your mother asks you for a cabbage, let’s see if she cooks cauliflower parathas.

Why do you do parathas? You know Vanaraj does not like cauliflower parathas, yet you made sure to make him hungry every day, and then some time later Anupama said, “I made cabbage parathas because he likes you and cooked his and children’s food for the first 25 years and you do the same But the rest is what those people choose, so today I have prepared your food and I have prepared coriander dhokla for them and if they eat it,

Then if his mother says okay, only Manraj goes there and he takes cauliflower parathas in the food box today and when he puts it in his mouth he starts to get angry at me. You know when I have problems with cabbage paratha’s sister-in-law why do you do all this and then he starts saying it and You say you are determined to disturb me for something or other,

Then, Babuji also tells you why she gives you only when he goes out to speak the truth with his mouth. They say that if you say something, the angry person gets angry. I can get up from there without food and start my hands.

You have to feed your father or take all the C’s and get angry when they start eating the food and they get angry when they see him eat and he gets a message telling his family that he needs to visit his friend and after a while he comes, telling him to leave the house.

When Manraj goes to Kavya’s house, he tells the girl everything, then Kavya says that Anupama is doing all this because you are letting her do it, so why don’t you give me the witch ces, tell our family members.