Anupama November 2, 2020 Episode Written Update Episode: Anupama Faces Confrontation

Anupama November 2, 2020 Episode Written Update Episode: Anupama Faces Confrontation

Vanaraj Kavya receives his phone and tells him not to call again. She says that watching Anupama carefully will increase her stress levels and request her to come for a while. He tells her that he cannot come, and because of his stupidity, he tells Devika that he will create this mess because he will not leave her for some time. Poetry asks why he wants to leave him alone, does he really want to get rid of her? Vanaraj cut the call. Devika calls Anu and asks if he has spoken to Vanaraj and what she has said, the story he cooked must have been emotionally blackmailed to her, her husband was doing the same, he called her a liar. Not to speak. Anu said no. Devika asks if she will tell the family about this. Anu says that she does not know .. When the relationship is over, be alone or mourn with her family. Devika says that if the man comes to her again and again, she will remember his betrayal, so she will come to his house for a few days and let Vanaraj take over his work. Anu says that she is not like Vanaraj and cannot think only about herself. Devika says she is proud of him, a man thinks only of himself but a woman thinks of all. He sees Pakhi enter and then cuts the bear. Pakhi goes to Anu and asks if she is fine, should she bring cold coffee? She asks if her doll is too big and could be in her room for a few days, which doesn’t bother her much. Pakhi says she doesn’t need permission, why she doesn’t want to be in her room, she might be away from Papa in her room 25 years later. Anu says she will learn.

In the living room, Ba and Vanuraj ask if he and Anu have quarreled. Pakhi goes to them and asks if he and Mommy are quarreling. Vanaraj asks if Anupama has said that. Pakhi says no, but reveals that Mommy wants to be with him for a few days. Ba asks in shock. When Mummy was asked if she could live without Papa, Pakhi says she would learn. Bapuji says that when the decision is too big, there must be a reason for it; He asks Vanaraj if there is any problem between them. Wanraj says no, the doctor said Anupama needed a change, so she changed her room; He asks Pakhi to look after Makhi and make her feel comfortable. Pakhi says yes and walks away. Ba says that people go to Shimla and Mussoorie for a change, which changes the room. Bapuji says he wants to keep Anupama happy

Nandini sees her walking happily on the Samar road, telling her that she looks back on summer (happily) and not winter (furiously). After seeing Mommy back to normal, Samar says he is back to normal. Nandini warns that Anu should be kept safe by Vanaraj and Kavya. What does he ask? She says that Vanraj Chacha cannot see the state of poetry and the poetry is also tense. Samar asks why Kavya did not come to meet Mummy, she is right. Nandini says she is fine and cannot see her close associates. Summer asks Kavya to tell her mommy is fine. Nandini feels that she can no longer tell Samar the truth, but one day the truth will come out and she does not know whether he will forgive her or not; Why doesn’t Anu tell Aunty about her relationship with Kavya and Vanaraj, what is she doing?

Tosu thinks he is drinking tea and Anu brings him tea, feeling that his mother has no problems and asks why he did not tell her about Vanraj and Kavya. Toshu says Kavya is blackmailing Papa. Anu asks if Vanraj had told him this, that he too is a fool to trust Vanraj. She again asks who informed her about this. They say let it go. She gets angry. Nandini informs him about the incident, he and Sanjay Chacha try to stop Papa, but Anu asks who is Anu. Anu repeatedly reminds Sanjay and asks who else knows about it. Toshu forgets it and tells someone else to forgive Papa. Anu says that no one else can interfere with her decision.

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Anu goes into the living room and clashes with Vanaraj. Anu starts cleaning the items. Bapuji looks at him and asks why he is working instead of resting. Mamaji jokes that Sosse must work if her sister doesn’t work. Ba says that if she works again, she’ll get sick. Anu says that she gets sick if she doesn’t work. Ba asked him where his mangalsutra was and put it to rest and now tells him to wear it. Anu walked into the temple of the house. Vanaraj walks past, picks up the mangasutra and tries to put Anu in her throat. Mamaji says they are getting married for the third time. As soon as she says she does not want the cost of a third wedding, Ba asks Vanaraj to fix it. Anu tells the old Mangal Sutra to Vanaraj that he had no one else in his life at the time of his first marriage but now he has none. Ba asked him why he wears the old mangasutra. Anu says its link is weak. Ba says men don’t know how to buy jewelry. Mum makes jokes. Anu hugs her. Vanraj laughed and said, “Mine is my decision.” She says that her bad relationship won’t let her other relationships deteriorate. It was for this reason that he wore the mangasutra.

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