Anupama Upcoming Story 12th December 2020 Rakhi confronts Anupama

Anupama Upcoming Story 12th December 2020 Rakhi confronts Anupama

Today’s episode begins with Rakhi stopping Anupama. Anupama asks if she has hurt her. Lila interrupts and asks Rakhi not to create drama in their colony and invites her into the house. Rakhi says he is here to create Shah’s play. Next, Rakhi listens to Anupama and Shah.

He says he welcomes Vanraj because he is the only one who can earn. They say they need money, they have forgiven Vanraj. Rakhi tells Anupamani that people who like her for money can also make friends with her stepmother. He says he regrets leaving a family like his.

Instead of talking poison, Anupama listens to Rakhi instead of talking about Paritosh and Kinjal. Rakhi says she’s only here for that. She roughly removes the ring from Paritosh’s hand. Lila asks Rakhi if she’s drunk. Rakhi shouted at Leela. Anupama calls Rakhi sister. Rakhi ends her relationship with Anupama by asking her not to call her sister.

She asks Anupam to call her Mrs. Tawat. Paritosh, Samar and Pakhi warned them not to come near Kinjal. She informs Shah that she is sending Kinjal to the USA. Anupama asks Rakhi if she can’t see the happiness of Paritosh and Rakhi. Rakhi warns Anupama and Shah not to call Kinjal to their home. He says if he tries to call Kinjal he will make a police complaint against them.

Rakhi tells her not to go after her, she doesn’t warn them. She goes and confronts Kinjal Rakhi for going to Shah. Rakhi tells Kinzel that if she ever spotted her in the Shaw House, she would punish Shah for her wrongdoing. She tells Kinjal that she will send her to the USA and marry her. Cried Kinjal. On the other hand, Paritosh is enjoying a break. Leela asks Anupama to call Vineraj. Hasmook stops Lila for calling Vernaz. Leela says Paritosh needs Vanraj. Anupama calls Vanaraj.

Looks at the poetry number. As she leaves, she asks Vanaraj to accept the call. Vanaraj puts the phone on the speaker. Anupama asks Vanaraj to meet him for Paritosh’s sake. Poetry thinks that Anupama Wanraj would come up with a new drama every day to call her. Vandraj decides to meet Rakhi for Paritosh’s sake. There, Anupama says he wants Hasmukh to work to run the house. Lila is shocked. (Issue ends)

Prerequisite: Anirudh is back. Vanaraj gets angry and leaves the poet’s house. He goes back to Shah.