Anupama Vanraj clash 7th December 2020 Written Update

Anupama Vanraj clash 7th December 2020 Written Update

vanraj finally returns home. He cannot match poetry in his home. Leela is very happy to see her son back. She wonders if he’s really back. She runs to greet him. Hasmukh is not happy to see Vanaraj. He claims that Vanraj was lost in a day’s time. Vanraj is shocked by the fact that he is back with an empty bag to pick up some items, which is very important to him. Hasmukh says Vanaraj has lost everything.

Vanraj says he will win and lose his life, if he loses some things today, he will win it again tomorrow. Lila asks him to come into the house. She takes him inside. Anupama goes to inform the children. Pakhi does not want to study. Paritosh asks him to study well for exams. Anupama tells them that Vanaraj has come home. She wants him to meet Vanraj. Pakhi runs to meet Vanraj. She tells him that she missed him so much. She asks him if he has come back. Wanraj says he came to pick up some work files.

He gives Leela money to carry out her duty towards the family. He says he will do his duty even though he is away from the family. Anupama and Hasmukh refrain from giving money. Anupama says she can handle the expenses of her family. She doesn’t need help from Vanraj. Hasmukh says they can take care of the family. He asks Vanaraj to do anything for the children but not the parents. Vanaraj asks Paritosh not to enroll in a practical course and ruin his future. They charge for the course.

He tells Paritosh that he will do his duty towards his children. He wants to steal the entire family from sympathy so that she is alone. He wants to beat her. He fails to speak with Samar. Samar does not listen to him. Vanraj goes to his room to pick up his things. He asks Pakhi to help him. Samar sees Nandini doing her bicycle repair at a repair shop. They do not speak. He seems to have had a break. His love story never started.

Samar wants Nandini to accept her love. Nandini wants to end their silence. She tells Samar to talk to him. She invites him over for coffee. Vanraj asks them to support Paki and come with him as he is experiencing loneliness there. He asks her to support the poet. Pakhi is confused. She can’t go wrong with Anupama. He tells her that he cannot explain Anupama and his problems. He says he loves Pakhi so much, he wants to take her. Pakhi agrees to go with him. He is happy. Anupama knew he had come to divide the family. Anupama Wanraj clash occurs again.

She was upset that he was taking the pakhi. Lila asks Anupama to prepare food for Vineraj. She can’t see her son starving, Kavya can’t do what she wants, she’s on an empty stomach now. Anurama says she will prepare food for Vanraj soon. Kavya thinks Vanyaraj thinks her behavior bad. She decides to make dinner for him. Vanaraj wants Pakhi to pack his bags. He tells Lila he won’t have dinner with them and won’t go. Leela and Pakhi force Vanaraj to stop him. Anupama serves them food. Wanraj hopes that he will not save her and insult her any more. Samar stops Anupama and serves food to his father.

Vanaraj loves homemade food. They eat enough food because they miss home-made food. He gets a call from Kavya. He does not tell her that he is in his house. Kavya listens to Leela’s voice. She thinks Vanaraj has gone home. She doesn’t know if that’s true. She goes to his house to see him with his family. She found herself ining with the family. She feels strange that he went back to the family. Wanraj challenges Anurama’s ties. Anupama is not afraid of him. He gets the same upset behavior from Kavya. Kavya threatens Vanaraj not to go back to her family.

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