Anupamaa Spoiler: Anupama will take initiative to create a new relationship by giving Vanraj a rose, fire will be in Kavya’s body.

Anupamaa Spoiler 23 February 2021: In Star Plus’ superhit serial ‘Anupamaa’, viewers are getting some happy moments these days. The tensions between Vanraj and Anupama are diminishing and the two are becoming friends again. Anupama has decided to befriend friendship with Vanraj, forgetting all the old-fashioned grievances. On the occasion of Vanraj’s birthday, she will tell him this, after which Vanraj’s smile will come on her face.

In the last episode, we saw that Anupama came on Vanraj’s birthday wearing a black sari, seeing that Vanraj’s beats got faster. Vanraj realizes that he has done wrong with Anupama. While Vanraj was thinking this, Anupama comes to him at the same time. Anupama comes close to Vanraj and talks to him fondly.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see that Anupama will tell Vanraj that both forget all the things and lay the foundation of a new relationship. This relationship will be of friendship. Whatever mistakes the two have made before, will not affect this relationship and both will always be friends. Anupama will give Vanaraja a white rose flower and ask Vanraj to be her friend again. Vanraj will laughingly put Anupama’s rose in his coat.

Seeing Anupama’s rose on Vanraj’s coat, Kavya’s mercury will go up and the fire will be extinguished. It will be interesting to see what steps Kavya will take after this.

Let us tell that Anupama has prepared the family for Kavya and Vanraj’s wedding, but Kavya has some other plan going on in her mind. Kavya is planning to bring Vanraj’s family on the road after marriage. When Anupama finds out what she will do, it will be interesting to see.