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Bangalore: Left alone all the way to Bangalore 14 years ago, I boarded a bus and found my home. I stayed in a hostel for 12 years. The narrator Anushree Nangala has said that she has come so hard. Also Read: Kannadigars have never threatened the name given to them:

Speaking by telephone with Indian News Live, Anushree said, “There have been some comments and developments around me over the past week. I have also heard some comments about the CCB inquiry. So come and live it must be answered. Many call and message Anushree you don’t shave your head. It was my responsibility to answer them.

I, my mother and in-laws have taken tension for a week. We did not expect such a notice. But when it arrived, everyone was shocked. But I did not do anything wrong. Anushree said the CCB had told the media that they were acquainted with me.

Left alone all the time, 14 years ago, I boarded a bus to Bangalore and found my home. I stayed in a hostel for 12 years. I have come here very hard. But the police, of course, scare any girl. I felt the same way. But my mother gave me courage. He said he had gone to trial.

My mother is a strength to me. We’ve worked hard, honestly, and have never cheated on what I do. Therefore I dare to fear. But some of the opinions were tearful as they were mentally depressed.

Facebook, Instagram Message, Phone by phone Even those who are unfamiliar to me, grandparents have buried what you don’t have to fear. Anushree tears that she has spread and worshiped God for me.


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