Army recruitment rally: UP’s 21 candidates trapped with forged documents

Army recruitment rally in Bihar 2021: On Monday, 21 candidates from Uttar Pradesh (UP) were caught in an army recruitment with fake documents. The Muzaffarpur team of Danapur Military Intelligence arrested him during the investigation. All have been handed over to the Kazi Mohammedpur Police Station. However, all were released late in the evening as the FIR was not registered by the army. At the same time, 490 youths have been selected for medical examination during the restoration process.

In fact, on Monday, the restoration process had to be conducted for the Soldier Technical Division of the Patna, Saran and Siwan districts. 5300 candidates have applied online. Of these, 4050 candidates have reached Chakkar Ground. The documents were reviewed. In this sequence, an investigation into military intelligence revealed that 21 candidates’ residential and Aadhaar cards were forged. All the candidates who come with forged documents are from various police station area in Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh. All were handed over to the police. At the same time, if the complaint application was not received, all were released.

At the same time, after completing various stages in the restoration process, 490 candidates from Patna, Sivan and Saran were also successful in the race. He has been selected for medical examination. The restoration process will take place at the Soldier Technical post on Tuesday. This includes the Saran district candidates. At the same time, all districts of Soldier NA will be participating in Sivan District candidates for Soldier Clerk and SKT.

Two dozen young men caught by accident
At the time of the resumption, there were reports that youths in the Northern Territory were joining the fake documents, the military intelligence team said. It was strictly investigated. During this time, two dozen youths were arrested. Three papers of the investigation were found to be correct. He was released. The remaining youths were handed over to the police.

Youth Aadhaar cards found in Bihar and UP:
During the investigation, the youth said they had all the documents needed to restore them. Academic papers were found to be correct. However, the conduct, unmarried, sarpanch and corona certificates were found to be fake. Aadhaar cards have been accepted by youths from both Bihar and UP. Bihar Aadhaar card is fake. Their numbers are being obtained from UP’s Aadhaar card. Only the address was different.

Intermediaries claim to have seven lakh jobs:
Intermediaries are demanding seven lakhs of rupees to get a job in the army for candidates who have failed to be reinstated. Intermediaries are trapping these youths in the Chakkar Ground and its surroundings. They are engaging young people by reaching out and referring to their point. The youths who were caught with forged documents have informed the police about this. The mediators are said to have spread from the station to Butler Road. Many retirees also claim to be soldiers in it. However, the police has not provided any official information about the incident or the case.