As soon as you see the photo disappear, use WhatsApp’s View One feature to do this

Instant Messaging of WhatsApp has added a new privacy feature to its platform. The name of this feature is “see once”. Photos and videos sent through this feature disappear once viewed. In addition to disappearing from chat, a video or photo sent once as part of a viewing feature cannot be saved in a user’s phone’s gallery. Instagram had launched a similar feature a long time ago.

How is it different than the message of disappearing?
In fact, the disappearing message feature is already available on WhatsApp. Photos and videos sent via this feature will disappear automatically after 7 days. However, those messages stay in the chat for 7 days, which is a long time. In such a situation, users once felt the need for the View feature, in which the media file disappears instantly. A new feature has been released for all users, here we are telling you how to use it.

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How to use the View feature once

1. Open WhatsApp first.

2. Go to a chat or group where you want to send a photo or video.

3. Now click on the attachment button below.

4. Now select the image you want to send through the camera or gallery.

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5. Now you will see the icon you see once below. Tap on it.

6. If you are activating the feature for the first time, you will see details written about it.

7. Learn more here and there are options to be OK. Tap OK.

8. This way the view is set once the feature is in the photo.

9. Tap the Send button to send a photo.

10. As soon as the person in front sees the picture, it disappears. Instead of a photo, now Open is only written there.

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