Ashwin said of Mancoding – I’ll do it when I have the chance

India’s star spinner Ravichandran Ashwin is very active on Twitter. Whether answering the troller or sharing his experience, Ashwin never hesitates. Recently, there has been a discussion on Twitter about Mankad Out, so Ashwin has also commented on it. A user named Zohib on Twitter has posted a video of India’s greatest all-rounder and former captain Kapil Dev. In this, Kapil is out as a South African batsman.

The user captioned the video with the caption, ‘Everyone knows that Kapil Dev manked out South African batsman Peter Kirsten on his 1992-93 tour of South Africa, and Kapil Dev was very angry. But few people know that he warned Kirsten in the first match, and so he dismissed Kirsten in the second match and showed his anger towards the batsman. Here is a video of both matches.

Commenting on the video, a user named Sunder wrote, ‘Kirsten once played Kersten in a very fair way, warning Kirsten and not making a claim for the first time. More importantly, he did not stop Kirsten from going out but he waited for the crease to go out. This is the right attitude. “With this tweet he has tagged India’s spinner R Ashwin, wicketkeeper batsman and tagged current Dinesh Karthik, great commentator Harsha Bhogle, cricket writer Vijay Lokpalli and former India spinner Murali Karthik.

Ashwin replied to that user. ‘If a batsman goes out of the crease, I’ll do it again. For a bowler to run a batsman this way, he must think first. I hope you will accept it and not tell my parents about it. ‘

Monk out is called a mancoding run out when a bowler dismisses a non-striking batsman before throwing the ball. In fact, when a bowler feels that a non-striker batsman has left the crease before bowling, he can then dismiss the batsman by dropping non-striker tip bail. This is not a record because the ball has not been bowled, but the batsman is definitely. Rajasthan Royals batsman Jose Butler outed Ashwin Mankad while playing for Kings XI Punjab in the 2019 IPL. Following this, Ashwin also received a lot of criticism.

What is the history of Monked

The first event of Mancoding took place on 13 December 1947 in the history of cricket. Indian batsman Vinu Mankad had similarly outed Australian batsman Bill Brown. Vinoo Mankad was also heavily criticized at the time, but then-Australian captain Don Bradman backed the lackluster run. After this event, the dismissal of batsmen in this manner is called informal making.

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