Baba Ramdev told me about the palm oil project, now the government has made a mission

To become self-sufficient in the matter of palm oil, the Narendra Modi government of the Center has approved the National Edible Oil-Palm Oil Mission (NMEO-OP). The approval was given at a time when the head of the Patanjali group, Yogaguru Ramdev, was emphasizing the trade of palm oil. Ramdev has long sought to reduce the import of palm oil. Previously, he had also mentioned the Patanjali group’s plans for palm oil.

What is the plan In fact, Ruchi Soya, a company led by Patanjali Group, plans to start oil-palm plantations in Assam, Tripura and other northeastern states. Not only this, field survey has also been done for palm plantations. In the past, Ramdev told us that we have plans for other states including Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya and Manipur. According to Ramdev, he wants to make India self-sufficient in edible oil. The basis for the project has been prepared. However, Ramdev did not specify when the planting of the gardens will begin. It is believed that Rupi Soya can work on this project after raising funds through FPO.

What is the purpose of government: The government has approved the National Edible Oil-Palm Oil Mission (NMEO-OP). This is a new centrally sponsored project and its focus is on the Northeast region and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Rs 11,040 crore has been earmarked for this project, of which the central government has allocated Rs 8,844 crore. Of these, the states cost Rs 2,196 crore.

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Under this plan, the area of ​​palm oil is projected to increase to 6.5 lakh hectares by 2025-26 and ultimately the target of 10 lakh hectares. Let’s say that India mainly imports palm oil from Indonesia and Malaysia.

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