Barrister Babu 3 December 2020 Written Update: Anirudh holding a lesson for the girls

Barrister Babu 3 December 2020 Written Update: Anirudh holding a lesson for the girls. He says he has to choose a class monitor and be a Bondita monitor. Suraya gets up and asks Bondita and why she is the eldest of them. Anirudh explains that the subject is not about the elder or the youngest but that Bondita is studying from the beginning so he can guide them.At the same time, Saudamini has a class of boys on her team and is giving them an enormous book to read.

She thinks her class is going well but she needs to find out how the Anirudh team is preparing. One student says she has read the first level. Saudaamini asks Anirudh’s team to go check on what they are doing as there is only challenge on the first stage.

Anirudh asks the girls about the shape of the planet. Suraya says it is flat like a blanket but that is the wrong answer. Bondita says it is as spherical as Rasgulla. Suraya asks why they don’t come. Anirudh explains Newton’s law of motion to teach him about gravity. Bondita understands that gravity goes with them wherever they go.The boy who went to check on Anirudh’s team came back to Saudamyi and said that the girls were holding a class outside.

Saudamani knows that they are trying to explain things instead of remembering them.Anirudh, on the other hand, tries to make the girls remember the names of the Mughal dynasty kings. He struggles so he ties them to each other. Anirudh sees them as they study and thinks they will make them a winner. Bondita is with Bholi but the latter does not speak.

Bondita holds out her hand and tells her to speak but she goes to moors. Everyone rushes to her.Bholi is brought inside. Anirudh asks Saurabh to call the doctor but Suraya tells him that he cannot cure her: she was a widow of children and his husband was beating her up very much; After his death, his husband’s family beat her so much that she silently tolerates all the violence, so Bholi’s voice is lost somewhere. She advises Bholi to quit the competition. Bholi gains consciousness.

Anirudh says Bholi will not leave the team because he is in the team.Suddenly they hear screams coming from outside. When they go to check, they see Elaichi and Palak quarreling, the latter eating everyone’s food. Suraya laughs too much at Bondita as she tries to stop him. Anirudh is frustrated with the disorder. The girls notice it and apologize. Suraya says he found a way to remember the Mughals’ name.

He says all the names by singing “Sir Re Ga Ma ..”Anirudh returns to take his lesson while the band plays and sounds. Anirudh requests him to go elsewhere but after a while Saudamani plays a trumpet with some of them. Anirudh asks him to leave. Saudamini says they are just practicing for their victory celebrations. Anirudh tries to continue his lesson but the band starts to play again.

Anirudh asks the girls to focus only on the study. He asks her to go inside for a study.Once Anirudh tries to restart his lesson inside, the band starts playing inside. Anirudh is about to close the window but Saudamani stops him and asks how long will Bondita save him.

Precape: Anirudh says Bondita needs to study overnight. Trilochan asks if it is okay for Bondita to go out at night. Bondita assures him that she will only learn something. Anirudh teaches Bondita and girls how to light a fire. Saudamini vows to burn Aniruddha in the same fire that she lit

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