Be careful! If the misinformation related to these matters on a ration card can be jailed for 5 years, know the rules

The Government of India provides ration facilities to provide food security to the poor. The government will give five kilograms of wheat and rice to ratios of two to three rupees per month for ration holders. Let us tell you that three types of ration cards are usually made in India. People above the poverty line get an APL card (APL). Those below the poverty line have a BPL card. With this, Antony ration cards are made for the poor families. This way, if you also want to get a ration card or add the name of any member of the family, definitely read this news.

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If you make this mistake you can get in trouble.
In fact, BPL card and Atiode card holders get more rations from the government. In such a situation, people put duplicate records to obtain a ration card or to add another name, or even after the death of a registered person on the ration card, they will take the ration to their quota. For this wrongdoing, the government can punish you in prison or a fine or both.

Counterfeit racketeering punishable by up to five years in prison
Under the Food Security Act of India, if you fake rations, there is a maximum of five years in prison and a fine. So, if you make a ration card, give the correct information to the food department. You may have to repent if you are not given the right information.

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In this case also the provision of punishment
In addition, if you bribe a food department official to produce a card, or a ration card with a bribe by a food department official, there is also the possibility of punishment and fines.

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