Bengal polls: Subandhu is 200 percent convinced to win Nandigram seat – I beat Deidi by 50 thousand votes

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has released its first list of BJP candidates for the West Bengal assembly elections (Bengal assembly elections 2021). The saffron party has fielded an officer from the Nandigram assembly seat against Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Speaking to India Today after receiving the ticket, a Goodyear official said there was a 200 per cent confidence that Deidi would be defeated by over 50,000 votes. Responding to the ticket from Nandigram, the official said, “The fight is not with Nandigram. The fight is against corruption. There is a strong anti-regime wave in Bengal.”

“The West Bengal government has failed in everything. There is no industry. There is no development. People want change. West Bengal wants change. Nandigram too wants change,” he said. “I am 200 per cent convinced. This is not a personal struggle.

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Superintendents of BJP will win the upcoming West Bengal assembly elections by a huge margin. Nandigram is not the traditional bastion of the Trinamool Congress. He said that the Left had a strong base here before the 2007 Nandigram movement. “The officer also responded to the TMC’s allegation that he had betrayed the party.” The BJP is not a private limited party. It is a disciplinary party, an organized party, a cadre based party. “

Responding to the ulation rumors that Mamata Banerjee was defeated in Bengal, she would become the face of the chief minister in the BJP.