Bepanah Pyaar Written Update Full Episode: An unsurprisingly tale of love and longing (Chapter 4)

Bepanah Pyaar Written Update Full Episode: An unsurprisingly tale of love and longing (Chapter 4)

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The next installment begins

He took a sip of champagne that Raghabir had placed there.

Progress: Who told you to become a Hero?

Raghbir: The man who enters after the breakup of the girl is always a hero.

Progress: Should I call Sonarika Bhabhi?

Raghubir: Bhabhi does not drink. You can take it. It is normal to drink it after a breakup.

Progress: You’re so excited about my breakup. (Smiles) Do you beat him?

Raghbir: Whom? A man who does not even know how to introduce himself. But why are you taking breakup tension. You have to take the stress that the boy is having a breakup with you. You look so good. God knows, what’s your problem.

Progress: What do you mean?

Raghbir: I am a decent boy. I didn’t see any girl with that intention. Oh I remember, I was the only one. I have no female friends.

Progress (happily): Really? Anything else? It’s not your fault. A boy comes from the village. And the girl is also cute and beautiful. And she just had a breakup. At 1:30 am, alone, she was sitting with you, hiding from her parents. Anyone can take the impression. (Angrily) I don’t even see people of your type.

Raghbir laughed. Pragati stands up but notices that Raghbir is still smiling.

Progress: Why are you laughing so much? Oh, I’m telling the truth. I’m not interested in you. Man, nothing, nothing happens between us. Nothing .. stop you laughing. I’m not that kind of girl.

But Raghbir was still smiling.

A few days later,

Raghabir and Pragati happily ride on the scooter of progress. They enter the cafe.

They both sat at the table. Raghbir picked up the menu booklet. Pragati stole the booklet from Raghabir.

Progress: My dad says all the boys are the same. What if you were like that too?

Raghbir: Who am I, in front of you.

At that point, the Sahas will be there too. Sahas works as a waiter in that caf.. He comes to take orders. Sahas is shocked to see progress with another boy.

He tries to talk to progress.

Raghbir (to Sahas): Give me a glass of water.

Sahas: Yes, sir.

Raghbir (to progress): I want to be your eye mascara.

The Sahas left.

Progress: Nah..a .. I want to be the pin of your plate.

Raghbir: Oh .. can be called turban cloth, not turban pin. It’s okay, go ahead like this. Have you seen her face? I know, boys like him can’t see their girl laughing with a different boy. So be it. Laughing out loud.

Sahas laughed as he brought water to Raghbir. Sahas put the glass on the table and turned to go away.

Raghubir: Hello! You don’t take our order?

Sahas nods resentfully yes.

Raghbir: Progress, what did you see in my face falling for me?

Progress (trapping himself): What did I see?

Raghubir: Tractor

Progress: Yes, tractor. When you wear a blue turban, you look like a Ford,

And when you wear green, you look like John Deere

I’m like Jatt’s estate and I need a tractor.

Both Ragabir and Pragati laughed. The Sahas are still standing there.

Raghubir: Very good, very good. Your Shayri is like the Shayari of Galib. Very cool.

Sahas (annoyed): Progress, just a minute. Please come with me.

Raghubir: Oh hello. I’m here for her part. You take the order.

Sahas: Yes sir.

Raghubir: Bring a coffee and make a heart on it. Well, progress?

Progress positively eased her head.

Bring Sahas coffee and place it on the table.

Raghbir: Progress, what a sweet heart it is. I can’t break this heart.

Progress: Alas

Raghbir (sees Sahas): I really hate a person who breaks someone’s heart. I think that person’s legs and hands should be broken.

Progress: Really?

Raghubir: Let’s go out of progress. I can’t break anyone’s heart. We eat ice cream outside.

Progress: Okay, fine.

Pragati and Raghbir stand up and start to go out. Raghabir laid his hand on the waist of progress. Progress was alarming.

Progression (grunting): Remove your hand. I hope you are making your profit instead of helping me.

Raghbir: Na na, it’s only working in front of the Sahas.

They both laugh and go outside to see Saha being happy together and exiting the cafe.

Sahas’s phone is ringing. Sahas looks at the name on his phone. That’s Bani’s call. He picked up her phone.

Bani: Are you fine, Sahas? I have been calling you for many days. Why didn’t you take my call? You have no idea what’s going on with me. My marriage is fixed with a common villager boy. Sahas, you know that I have only loved you in my whole life and cannot imagine anyone else. I know you love me. Please Sahas, please help me get out of this mess.

Sahas (annoyed): Wow! My job is to solve everyone’s problem. I can’t live my life my way. You have no idea how much I missed important stuff. I’m sure, boy, you must have done something behind you. Now your marriage is your problem, not mine. For months, I’ve been talking to you well and now you’re thinking that I love you. I am now clearing your suspicions that I do not love you. And from now on, never call me that.

Bani: Sahas, what are you saying? I know you are under pressure now. But you can’t break our relationship this way.

Sahas: Relationship? Seriously like it? My biggest mistake is to make friends with you. I was hoping your father was a rich man but I was wrong. Look at Bani, now I’m not in a position to talk to anyone. I have to think of a way to teach progress. How dare she leave me?

Bani: Sahas…

But the Sahas call disconnects. Bani cries as she recalls her conversation with Sahas.

Bani: Didi said okay, I’m a big idiot. How can I trust such a man who was behind money. I cannot properly identify the person. Raghubir is better than Sahas. At least, Raghbir loves me, not my money. Now I feel bad for the girl, Sahas was talking. Please protect her from Sahas. Just as you sent Raghubir to me, please send someone to help her.