Best online lottery in India – TOP list 2021

Playing the lottery is one of the most socially accepted forms of gambling there is, with millions of people buying tickets in the hopes of winning it big each week. The largest payout to date was $1.56 billion dollars in the US Powerball won by three lucky people, so you can see why the lottery is so popular. In India, there are several great lotteries to take part in, here we detail five of them.


Lottoland is a gateway for Indian players to partake in a bunch of top lotteries. Some of the big-name draws include Powerball, 6/49GO!, MegaMillions, Bitcoin Lotto, and Keno 24/7. Owned by EU Lotto, Lottoland does not buy lottery tickets on behalf of its customers. Instead, customers make bets on different lotteries, and if they win, they are paid directly by Lottoland rather than official lottery operators.

RajBet Free Monthly Lottery

Each month at RajBet, active players have the chance to win a share of INR 100,000. Three players are randomly drawn, and the winning amount is divided like so:

  • First place winner gets INR 40,000
  • Second place gets INR 20,000
  • Third place gets INR 10,000

What makes the free online lottery at RajBet so special is that customers at the site do not need to buy tickets to enter – it is completely free to take part. Anyone playing real money games at RajBet is in with a chance to win each month.

Free Lottery

Free Lottery is another site giving Indian players the chance to win cash without having to spend a penny. To do so, visit their platform, register, and check the free draw games you can participate in. Next, pick six numbers from 1 to 75 or have them randomly generated. Then all that’s left is to cross your fingers and hope you win. If you do, prizes are sent via the post as cheques.

Lotto India

Lotto India is a nationwide lottery that is also open to players outside of India. Tickets are bought online for INR 40, and it is possible to win jackpots of up to 4 Crore. To play, participants select six numbers between 1 and 50, plus one Joker Ball between 1 and 5. You win by matching numbers with those selected during the draw – all random. If your six numbers and one Joker Ball are drawn, you win the main jackpot. At least two matching numbers or more are needed to win a cash prize.


LottoKings, which used to be known as CongaLotto is an online lottery website that can be accessed by people around the world, including India. Here you can play international lotteries by registering and purchasing tickets on your own or as syndicates. Some of the games offered at LottoKings include the US Powerball, one of the largest in the world, EuroMillions, and Australia’s Oz Powerball. One thing to note, you can either buy tickets through LottoKings or place bets on the lottery outcome – as some have noted, this is at LottoKing’s discretion after you have made the buy, so be on the lookout for that.

Wrap up

As you can see, there are plenty of options for Indian players looking to take part in big win lotteries. If you are going to join in, be sure to read the small print of each site and make sure their service matches what you are looking for. Operators like RajBet, which are licensed to provide gambling services, are generally safer than those that are not. Do some research online, look for the lotteries that interest you, stick to your budget and good luck.

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