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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19 October 2020 Anguri Gardening, Vibhu walk up to her and say you love her and take care of her, I want to be a plant too. Fruits say that you are very nerdy, how much fruit does a plant separate from science? Nothing says, we have done a lot of research and you are not good at anything and we are here for Anguri Bhobi, Ankuri asks why? H Come on, Vibhu says they don’t know anything, I insist, Saxena and Gupta too. Saxena says you give an example.
Anguri says okay

Anguri goes to Tiwari and tells her that she is a chair person. Gupta asks Vibhu what he is donating, Vibhu advises and leaves. Anguri summons Saxena and Gupta and Saxena gets an electric shock after the bell. Tiwari Gupta and Saxena have praised the initiative. Saxena asks for a donation from Tiwari, Tiwari is right, that’s why you are her chair person, Gupta be happy you donate the money you donate used to buy a Ravan idol, Tiwari says you bad people are lost, Ankuri calls Amazi about Tiwari’s behavior on her. Amazi Tiwari scolds the speaker and asks him to donate at least 51,000. Tiwari says yes.

Tiwari agrees to donate money but he has a shop, he should have his store banner as a sponsor and he will shoot Ravana and appear in the news
Anguri says okay.

Vibu asks Helen what he thinks, Helen says to a doctor because you have been playing the Doctrine game so much but then I saw your points and realized that you will never. Anguri walks with Gupta and Saxena and tells her that she is now the chair person. Vibu’s mother says I am inspired by her, Helen says you are also an inspiration, Saxena says we are here for charity, Vibu says good mother give them 101, Gupta says Pan seller gave 101, Vibu says 501 give, Saxena Dhobi gave that amount, Anguri says Tiwari gave her 51000. Saxena says insulting Vibhu Tiwari, the more money-maker gets the chance to shoot Ravana. Vibhu says if I pay 52000, I get that chance, Gupta says it is not possible, Anguri asks Gupta enough and he says yes to Angur.
Nuhu asks Helen for money, Helen refuses.

Saxena and Gupta meet the boys in the tea shop, the boys ask about Ramleela, Malkan says we are always involved in Ramleela, Gupta says he has never seen you, Teeka says I am a tree, Tulu says I am Lord Rams Wahak, Malkan I am the main character Hanuman kicking. We will upgrade your characters, you will be motorized and Teeka will have more branches, says Saxena. Malkan asks if we want Ram or his siblings, which is why you need a full knowledge of the Ramayana.
The boys agree.