Bigg Boss 14: Arshi Khan is homeless, says – I love Rahul and Ali alike

The so-called Bigg Boss Season 14 finale of the big screen is nowhere near as far-fetched. In such a situation, there are still some big twists to come in the coming time. On the one hand, there are still some who are coming to support the contestants of the show, while on the other hand, the members of the household are also being eliminated.

Big Boss 14’s Arshi Khan’s journey to describe herself as ‘Awam Ki Jaan’ is over. This time Arshi has been evicted from the house, but this time when Salman asked which member might be homeless, she named Devolina. Before saying the last farewell, Arshi met the rest of the contestants and said they love Rahul and Ali equally.

Speaking to Salman Khan, Vidhu Dara Singh, who arrived on the show, asked if he thought he was entertained at home by season 14 contestants. Answering the question, Vindoo said that he did not think so as the Ghalwals crossed the border. It’s not entertaining in any way. At the same time, Vindhu said she was impressed by Rakhi and helped her in the right direction.

Jasmine, who came out in support of Ali Goni, said that the way Salman scolded all the contestants recently, it was good that she wasn’t home. If not, they should have heard the screaming too. At the same time, Rubina told Salman that she had a problem. She was very angry and irritable 7 years ago. He was quarreling with everyone, even thinking he might commit suicide.


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