Bigg Boss 14: Arshi Khan’s wedding after finale? Rahul Vaidya got the responsibility of finding the groom.

Bigg Boss 14 is now at its last stop. The show has its finale on 21 February and it will be known on Sunday who will crown the crown of this season. Many contestants came to the show. Currently there are only 6 people left in the house. People out of the house, remembering their time spent in the house, revealed many things. Arshi Khan, who was out in the last phase of the show, also recalled the time spent on the show with Rahul Vaidya and Ali Goni. He described his relationship with both of them as a lifetime.

Arshi Khan said, ‘I am waiting for Finale Week to end. Then we will celebrate our family. We battled, we teased each other. I enjoy when I get angry when someone comes to convince me or take a stand for me, quarrel. I think I have not found as many good friends in my season as I have in this season. I am very happy. ‘

Talking to ETimes, Arshi Khan said, ‘Ali and Rahul always liked to eat non-veg made by my hands. I am sure both of them miss it. Both have promised me to eat every weekend. I want to cook and celebrate heartily for both of them. Rahul Vaidya has promised me that he will find a groom for me. They want me to work in South films. I want only one of these two to be a winner.

You know, Arshi Khan participated in Bigg Boss 11 and this season she came home as a challenger. Arshi Khan entertained people at home with her Urdu. At times Salman Khan also tried to imitate him.