Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan opens up about failed relationships, says he projected ‘childhood trauma’ on them – tv

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Aizaz Khan popped his heart out in an interview and discussed how his childhood traumas affected his romantic relationships. Recently, Eajaz opened up about the alleged rape by a former partner.

In an interview, the actor shows his past traumas on his relationships, which can sometimes end traumatically.

He told Pinkvilla“I have learned many lessons during my relationships. Mainly because I was an idiot, I blamed some pretty people who came into my life, blamed them. I realized how to show my insecurities and the trauma of my childhood on them, my basic form of how to play this passive aggressive person. This is not how I am equipped for a relationship. ”

He continued, “There are some things that my comfort zone will end up in a crisis cycle. I have that pattern over and over again and I put those patterns on them and confuse my partners and we stray, sometimes harmoniously, sometimes shockingly. But they are all settled today. Today I am wrong to speak on his behalf. ”

Ijaz said he ‘hated’ his life, but he realizes that the only way to repair broken relationships is by learning to heal his relationship with her. “I feel like I’m enjoying my life and I’ve realized that I deserve to be happy. I deserve it and I get it. I’ve just started loving myself,” he concluded.

In last week’s Weekend Ka War episode, host Salman Khan showed a clip of a conversation between Eejaz and Siddharth Shukla, in which Ijaz talks about the key ‘Kand’ of his past. “I was helping all the women and protecting the needy. There was such a one and then I was accused of rape because I promised to marry her but didn’t. She made it a rape case and I had to go to jail, ”she said. The incident broke her own, and Aijaz said he had to leave the premiere of his Tanu Weeds Manu film and go to Dharamshala for some time.

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Ijaz has two sides to his personality – one respects women for having a sister, and the other cannot handle disrespect, and feels the need to react with aggression.

After playing the clip, Salman told Ijaz, “Aap galat javage to galat dikho, but agar sahi ho to sahi ho na (If you go wrong, you will look inappropriate, but if you play well, you will be honorable). “Then Ijaz said to Salman,” I know I am right but I am awkward and often interrogate. I feel extra conscious. Salman replied, “It happens with everyone. Why are you afraid? We are with you.”