Bigg Boss 14: Fans who came in support of Rubina Dilaik, announced the battle against Rahul Vaidya;

Rubina Dilaik Fights with Rahul Vaidya: Salman Khan Disputed reality show ‘Bigg Boss 14’ (Bigg Boss 14) There is a furore in the house due to the captivity task at this time. In the last episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ Vikas Gupta hid the camera of the task. After which the two team members were seen fighting each other. Rakhi Sawant tried hard to find her camera but she could not find anything.

Due to a camera, both the teams of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ house clashed with each other. Rubina Dilaik and the team of Rahul Vaidya were accused of blaming each other. Rahul Vaidya’s mercury reached the seventh sky due to not getting the camera. After which Rahul Vaidya got abused by Abhinav Shukla. Abhinav Shukla and Rahul Vaidya grew so much that these stars were seen abusing each other.

During the fight, Rahul Vaidya called Abhinav Shukla as Nalla, while Rubina Dilaiq was called the queen of Nallasopara. On hearing such bitter things, Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaiq were seen narrating rashly to Rahul Vaidya. Meanwhile, fans of Rubina Dilayik have also come out in their support.

From last night Rubina Dilaiq’s fans have been talking about this fight with Rahul Vaidya. This is the reason why ‘Rubina is the Boss’ has been trending on Twitter for some time. Talking about this fight, a fan wrote, in the house of ‘Bigg Boss 14’, Rahul Vaidya has no right to say abusive words about anyone on National TV. Big Boss, why have you not taken action against Rahul Vaidya till now?

See the reactions of fans-

At the same time another user wrote, ‘Whenever Rubina Dilaiik is harassed, Big Boss is silent at that time. Not only this, Salman Khan also sees Rubina Dilaiik’s mistakes during the weekend. Now I have to see what Salman Khan is going to say to Rahul Vaidya and Rubina Dilike in this weekend’s war. Not only this, a user has told Rubina Dilike to be the queen of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ house.