Bigg Boss 14 Finale: Rakhi Sawant exited the show with a bag full of money, Salman Khan screaming

The Bigg Boss 14 final saw a strong fight between the five contestants. The last episode of the show featured Rubina Dilak, Ali Goni, Rakhi Sawant, Rahul Vaidya and Nikki Tamboli. Rakhi Sawant became the first of these five contestants. But Rakhi exited the show in a very interesting way. Actor Ritesh Deshmukh, carrying a bag of money, came into the house and put a big bet in front of everyone at Rs 14 lakh. This situation caused Rakhi Sawant to opt out of the program. With this, as soon as Salman Khan knew that Rakhi would be out, he screamed badly.

In fact, Ritesh Deshmukh showed the contestants a bag of Rs 14 lakh and said that everyone can win 14 lakh rupees, but the condition is that they have to be dismissed from the show. For this, everyone was given a chance to press the bar, and as soon as Ritesh said 1..2..3, Rakhi pressed the bar without giving any chance, and Salman Khan screamed. He liked Rakhi’s style of pressing the bar so fast.

On his way out of the show, Salman Khan wore his famous Lucky Charm Blue Bracelet by Rakhi. Rakhi was very pleased with this and accepted it as the charm of her fortune. Rakhi said the money would be able to offset hospital bills and all other expenses of the mother.