Bigg Boss 14: Nishant Singh Malkhanii is unable to believe Jasmin Bhasin is out, says- ‘Shocked ki …’ |

Last week ‘Bigg Boss 14’ (Bigg Boss 14) The most shocking eviction happened in the house. One of the strongest contests of the show from home Jasmin Bhasin She passed out. Many celebs, including fans, are yet to believe if Jasmine is out. One of the celebs and an ex contestant of Bigg Boss 14 Nishant Singh Malkhani (Nishant Singh Malkhani) Huh. Nishant is also deeply unhappy with Jasmine’s eviction and he too does not believe it.

Ali Goni (Aly Goni) started crying bitterly after Jasmine announced his exit. He even had an asthma attack. Nishant has expressed his opinion on Jasmin’s exit. In an interview to ETimes, Nishant said that Jasmine’s exit was not right. He said, ‘Jasmine’s eviction is shocking to me. I agree that there were more contestants in the house worth going out of the show but not Jasmine. Ali and Jasmine’s cry was a very emotional experience.

Jasmine Bhasin held an Ask Jasmine session on Twitter after exiting the show. During this time Jasmine gave her opinion on many matters. Jasmine told that her father was very sad when he was out. At the same time, he also spoke on Sonali Phogat’s growing proximity to Ali Gone. At the same time, Jasmine also took a stand on Rubina’s point in which Rubina said that she had a dream of Jasmine in the show. Jasmine said on Twitter that if Rubina had shown so much love in the show, the friendship might have been more beautiful.